A-Z Challenge ‘Honesty’

HOkay just to begin; I made an ‘honest mistake’ when I began this challenge. I really didn’t read about it when I discovered another blogger and friend said she was doing the A-Z challenge. I should have realized that each challenge does have various rules associated with it. I just zoned out, and didn’t read them. So I am an unofficial and unregistered participant.

I had thought this would be a good way to get back into regular blogging. I suppose that it really doesn’t matter though and at this time I won’t backtrack, but instead just follow the general idea of blogging on a subject relating to the alphabet. Today being ‘H’ I decided to come clean!

Honesty is a quality that has always been important to me. Trust comes from knowing that you can believe in someone. It also means that others can expect it from you.

Of course that doesn’t always mean you have to be brutally honest, if by doing so someone’s feelings may be hurt. There is wisdom in knowing how to be truthful, but not hurtful. I could give examples but I think that most of us know of those times.

I must say that I don’t react well when I find out someone has lied. I do tend to dwell on it too much in many cases. The strange thing is that often people will lie when they don’t have to, but they find it easier than telling the truth; or they don’t want to face a barrage of questions they imagine will be asked if they do.

Honesty is one of the most important qualities of any relationship………… even in the blogging community; hence my confession today… ha!



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