A-Z Challenge ‘Grace’

GWhen I thought of something I might write about beginning with ‘G’, my thoughts went to the word ‘Grace’. I wrote a blog  back in 2013 about this subject, and so I hope you don’t mind but I’m using that post here today.

GRACE (noun)

I once thought I’d write a book although have since realized it is not within me to do so, but I thought it would be of our family, and emphasizing the woman,  ‘my mother’ who raised us. There were 10 of us and unfortunately she didn’t receive much help from our father for reasons I won’t go into. I have written much of her in the past, because she worked so hard for so long, but I felt she always had such a ‘grace’ in her being and near the end of her life I believe she lived…in an ‘Age of Grace’ which would have been the title to my book. Here is my humble submission albeit an amateur level poem.

She smiled at me with certain love


My Mother with the ten of us.. I am the youngest

I rested in her care

The moments and the days went by

She had so much to bear..


Many children now totaling ten

To love and to protect

She worked so hard each day because

That’s what one would expect.


As years went by, she seldom rests

There was so much to do

Her strength ne’er waned, she carried on

Her loved remained as ever true.


Then came a time which always does

As older she became

Her family now had to learn

To look after her the same..


They helped her as she realized

Old age she had to face

But all her children saw in her

Was this woman full of grace.

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