A-Z Challenge ‘Excited’

EWell, my post today with ‘E’ would have to be excited. In less than two weeks my sister and I are going on a trip together to Bahamas.

For those who have followed me for awhile, they will know that I did posts about my sister losing her husband last July, after having been married for 58 years. I’ve been trying when I can to spend time with her, and this vacation I’m hoping will be very good for her. Not that it won’t be for me too, but I guess my thoughts right now are for her.

While we are excited, it also comes with a bit more than a bit of apprehension. We’re both in our senior years, and trying to decide how little we have to pack, because it’s then less of course to carry. There are so many details too; like making sure there is medical coverage, and who to call if there’s a problem; and taking any medications that one may need, and some others ‘just in case’!

We needed to check what is allowed on an airline these days and what is not; like no liquids more than 100 ml, and they must be in a plastic bag; and trying to figure out what to put in the luggage to be checked and what to carry on the plane. I’m such a detailed person, that I try to imagine what if anything could go wrong. I checked for the address and telephone number of the embassy in the country… ‘just in case’ !

I’m sure everything will be fine, and none of my imaginary issues will happen. When you’re younger you don’t seem to be worried about things so much, but I guess we’re better able to handle change then.

Anyway, we are ‘excited’ !

Look alike dresses (Ha)

Look alike dresses (Ha)


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