A-Z Challenge – Our Country

A-Z. letter CAs I watch the news each day, and the various stories from around the world, it makes me very thankful for our country of Canada.

We have so many freedoms and benefits that so many do not have. I do not say that to diminish other places in the world, but only an observation. People who currently are in the midst of confusion, because of war and terror, did not I’m sure ever expect that the things that are going on now, would ever happen. The hundreds of thousands of those seeking refuge, in other lands is just so mind-boggling. When you see the living conditions that these people are having to endure, it is heart-breaking. It is one thing to see it, as though it is a ‘news story’, but it is much more than that, when you try to imagine what these people are actually feeling.

The parents of the children, have the same hopes and dreams for them, just the same as you or I. Having to see them denied proper food and medicine; having to realize for them, education is one of their elusive dreams.  Wondering where they will eventually have to go to live, or if they will ever be able to leave the refugee camp, or be able to return to their country of birth.

It is such a massive challenge, and these people meanwhile face each day with I would imagine, little hope that tomorrow will be any better than today.

This is of course the result of war and terrorism that is pervasive. I cannot fathom how or when this will change. I do know that somehow the countries of the free world, have to take action to fight against those who seek to control, and to terrorize others; for if we become complacent we will cease to be compassionate; we will cease to be an advocate for the helpless; we will cease to be humane!

Refugee Camp



8 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – Our Country

  1. I saw it first hand years ago when I went to Trinidad. Kids living in the dump, spending all day everyday picking for anything they could find to use or sell in order to survive. It was awful and I’ve forgotten it. That said. I wish their own countries governments would step up instead of adding to the terror and all the responsibility landing on other countries who really don’t take care of their own people..

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    • Very true about the countries not looking after their own people. I guess though that those of us who can try or our countries can try to help that’s why we do it in spite of the fact their own country ‘won’t. I guess we value life more than they do Its jut so sad

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