A-Z Challenge – A Way Back !

A-Z ChallengeI decided that perhaps “A’  way back to blogging after some months of limited posts, was to join the A-Z challenge….

It has been quite a few unsettled months for various reasons, that I’ve mentioned in some of my recent posts; ranging from health concerns in our family, some still ongoing, but hopefully soon to have answers, and to helping my sister cope with the death of her husband after 58 years of marriage. I’ve been trying to spend whatever time I can with her, and we are going to embark on a holiday towards the end of the month; just the two of us. When one gets older, the planning and hoping that all will work out without unforeseen issues, come to the forefront of one’s mind.

I have really missed the interaction of so many of my blogging friends, and have been remiss in reading your blogs and interacting with comment.  I have actually read some, but have not regularly done so.

Sometimes I thought that maybe my blogging days were over; but quickly dismissed it, as it has in the past several years become an intricate part of my life. I knew I would continue, even if not daily. However, when my friend Deb from My Weary Mind, who lost her husband and has been trying to move forward; decided to do this challenge, I thought that maybe it was a way back for me to blogging.

So, this is the first day of the challenge, and I hope a continuation for me to post, read and reconnect with many special people that I met in the wonderful world of ‘Blogging’.

I have never really researched to find out how that word was brought into existence, but to me it was the beginning of many friendships!

34 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge – A Way Back !

  1. I am slowly getting back into the blogging world too – so many things going on, but when I pray where God is leading me it comes back to writing. Is it too late for the A to Z challenge, maybe that is what I should do. What are the requirements? Welcome back – been thinking of you and praying that you are all well.

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  2. So glad you decided to join! You will give me incentive to continue and I’m honored to have been mentioned in your post! You are such a sweet lady! I look forward to your posts so much! ❤️

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