What I Would Say ………..

Well, it seems like I’m having some more ‘moments of reflections!’  Today, it’s some words I’d like to be able to say to Jim, my sister’s husband who passed away last July.

March 14, 2016
Dear Jim,
Well; my darling sister has been writing her thoughts to you on a daily basis and I thought maybe today on your birthday I would write you some of mine.
Even as I begin to do this tears come to my eyes, because we all miss you so much. You were such an important part of Wally’s and my life and our family’s too. I was just a young girl when you and Marilyn met. You were always a ‘brother’ to me, and then to Wally as well. You were never an ‘in-law’.
My sister is of course still not adjusted to you leaving us, but she is trying very hard to get by, and do what has to be done. In one way we can consider her a strong person, but on the other hand not so strong. Grieving taxes one emotionally and physically, and yet your beloved wife strives to move forward in spite of it.
We know that you’re okay… more than okay. Heaven as we know it, has no pain and no sadness. Here on earth we still do though. Sadness of course is the prevailing emotion with grief. Losing ones’ partner in life for so many years, has got to be one of the deepest levels of grief there can be.
Though we know we will see you again, right now we just miss you
But we celebrate on this day your life, and all that you gave and shared with all of those you loved and who loved you. I can’t imagine how much less joy and laughter there would have been be in our lives, had you not been there for us.
So while you are absent with us here as we celebrate this special day, your presence will still most definitely be felt, because of all the memories and love we all shared.
With Love,
Your ‘sister’ Diane xxxxxxxxx

19 thoughts on “What I Would Say ………..

  1. Death is always hard. Even when it’s been a while since the death, it still has a hold on our conscious and that’s hard to permanently shake off. Wishing you the best with it and to Wally and the rest of the family!


  2. A beautiful reflection. I like the idea of reflecting as if writing to the person lost. I know they don’t actually read the words but it must be comforting somehow. I might try a similar kind of therapy for some friendships I am still grieving over. There is one, in particular, I never got to have closure for. The person may as well have died. I wrote about it in “Regretful Goodbye” and several other pieces on my blog.

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    • Thank you .. and I have done it for other times also…I wrote to my father on this blog… the father that was never in my life…. I think it does get out some of the things …words; we’d like to have perhaps said to someone…. Diane

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  3. A lovely letter to your brother in law. I’m sure he loves it! You had a beautiful relationship with him and he gave you a lot of good memories. I’m glad to hear your sister is pushing forward. It’s the worst and hardest thing you have to do! The survivor of the couple has the worst pain imaginable!! Hugs to you and your family on this day of memories and tears. xx Deb


  4. Such lovely words Diane. I used to write to my husband on a daily basis. It takes a long while to pick up the threads of one’s life again. I still hear him in my head – giving advice or offering comfort. I wish your sister well.

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    • That’s so interesting that you wrote
      to him as well. She feels as though that is still a link to him….. They were married 58 years, and so it is so strange to now be without him….. Thanks for your thoughts…


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