Sifting Through Some Memories

Today I thought I would take some time and clear out some miscellaneous boxes of old papers, cards etc. I couldn’t just throw away the contents without reading them.

So many memories were stirred within me by the cards and letters that I found. Reading them brought some tears, but also rekindled many times of encouragement from so many people. Sometimes we forget those who walked alongside of us during difficult times.

What struck me is that there were so many cards, with thoughts of love and support and prayers. In today’s society with so much done electronically through email, texting and Facebook  and perhaps other social media, that not a lot of people send actual cards in the mail anymore. I’m sure there are some that do so, but it’s not so common. Having been raised by a mother who did send cards and letters, I generally will send one to those who are ill or bereaved, and still many Christmas, birthday and anniversary ones as well.

When I was re-reading them it brought back memories of my relationships and friendships I’ve had during my life. I found special letters from my kids to me also; many of which were from the years when I was suffering with depression. It’s not that my whole life was defined by depression, as there were many times that life was good. I worked part-time and sometimes full-time, helped raise our three children and handle the other usual things in life.

Depression does though heavily impact our lives and those we love. There is no denying that fact. I guess some of the tears today, were because I was reading what the struggles were like. I found a journal that I had been writing in during this time also.

For those who are struggling now with depression or other form of mental disease, please know that while we may not understand or believe that there can ever be relief from it; we CAN and I DID!!

Do I wish that it had not been part of my life; you bet I do. Do I understand why… not really, not fully. Can anyone understand everything about the whys and wherefores of life? I’m sure the answer to so much is a big question mark.

So while it brought some tears in remembering, it also brought joy… to see how many cared, loved and supported me at different times in my life…..and to remind me of how far I’ve come!

Is my life perfect now without depression present? Of course not!

It’s just life; with challenges, joys and sorrows….just like everyone else has……………………


6 thoughts on “Sifting Through Some Memories

  1. Yes, so many are not sending physical anything anymore. The art and beauty of handwritten anything is really fading fast. But the lovely thoughts are what count. I too keep old cards and things because of the message inside! Always a treat to go back and re-experience the beauty they hold. Thanks for sharing Diane.

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  2. I sorted through the bag of cards I received from people when Mike died. I had read them at the time, but looking through them again I was amazed at the number of cards and handwritten notes of encouragement, some from people I don’t even know, but he did. Like you, it brought tears and smiles. I opted to keep them and place them in a shoe box for safekeeping.

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  3. I know exactly what this mix of feelings is like but in a different way. Diane, I have been struggling for months now with a rather severe attack of depression due to my brother-in-law’s behaviour. On the other hand, my reaction to his behaviour hasn’t exactly been angelic. Thanks for the perspective of this post and lots of love to you xxx

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