Some Things are Better

Hi ! My absence in the past few months from regular posts, and being involved in others’, has been because of several issues within our family. There was the death of my sister’s husband last July, and I’ve been trying to spend time when I can with her. Then two more family members’ death; a niece and a nephew.

Along with this there have been and still some ongoing issues medically with my husband and I. We had great news and an answer to prayer yesterday however, as we learned the results of certain tests for his lung. There was some indication that he might have had lung cancer, but the lesion has diminished in size and so they believe firmly that it is not a tumour. That was a great relief. He still has some other issues, but hoping they are resolved too.

For myself I had a ‘growth’ on my wrist, which at first I thought I could clear up with home treatment, but had to go and have it removed, and when the biopsy came back it had cancerous cells. I was then sent to a specialist to have a deeper incision to remove more tissue, which was a week and a half ago. I go for the follow-up next Monday, hoping that everything is now okay. Skin cancer is usually treated very easily and successfully.

I still however am facing this extreme fatigue. My doctor has been trying to find a medication that will help. She believes it’s a flare-up from the Multiple Sclerosis. It’s the kind of fatigue reminiscent of when I was originally diagnosed. In any case there are some new meds that are being tried for this. If it doesn’t let up soon, perhaps I’ll see a Neurologist as I haven’t for several years because of the fact I am not severely debilitated with the M.S. If so, it’ll likely be a wait to get in, but hoping something will help in the not too distant future.

I didn’t really intend this to be an ‘oh woe is me’ post, but thought I would offer an explanation for why I still haven’t been able to get back to regular blogging and reading other’s.

Thanks for indulging me!   Diane xxxx

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12 thoughts on “Some Things are Better

  1. No worries Diane. Well, no worries from me anyway. Health is very important. You might actually have great conversation with Jeanette Hall from “Saint P. blogging”. She too has M.S. and who knows, you might be able to share some information or experiences.
    Thanks for keeping us informed. Take care!

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  2. So good to see your post and happy that some things are better! Whew!! Good news on hubbys problem, and while I’m sorry to hear about your wrist and fatigue, I hope and pray for your healing there!! I’ve missed you!

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