Coming from a family of 10, I have seen the interaction of a lot of different families and their relationships with one another; myself included.

Each person born has their individuality. I think that some aspects or traits, are adapted from our parents or those who raise us, especially during the formative years; however we develop our own personalities based on so many factors.  As a Christian I believe we are unique and are born with various feelings, attitudes and sensitivities.

We can be born within the same family, but all be different in our nature. Having said that, being born into a family of 10.. me the youngest; even though each of us were very different in so many ways, we all had the same view about unconditional love… because our mother demonstrated it to all.

Sometimes though there were times, that love was fractured or tested but like gold goes through the refining process, so did the relationship. Family ties by nature are the strongest… but can also be the most heart-breaking when something goes awry. It has always seemed to me when that happens, both of the individuals or family, wait for the other one to admit ‘they’ are wrong, and then just maybe they’ll forgive them. I’ve seen so much heartache, many tears and a lot of sadness when this happens. Why is it so hard to talk things out? Why are these people that have been an intricate part of our lives, expendable?

I would suspect ‘pride’ is lurking, hardness of heart present, and a sense of always being right; as though somehow that is a reason to dismiss someone from your life. Communication is the only answer!  Second to that… maybe it should be first, but ‘forgiveness’ is key; just forgiving whatever each one feels the other has done. Sometimes relationships get so mixed up, it’s like scrambled eggs that really can’t be unscrambled; we just have to go on!

And if you let God into all of it… he can help…. He’s the only one I know that can ‘unscramble the eggs’!

I’ll interject here, just to say that I know there are those who don’t know what a loving, forgiving, unconditional love from a parent is like. That can so injure a child emotionally, and  knowing some who have been through this, I realize that it takes strength, motivation and hard work to experience the healing that is needed.

Anyway… my thoughts!



  1. Beautiful thoughts Diane. I know that love. I know that heartache from family. And talking it out is the way to fix it the best. But everyone is stubborn… We need to get over that pride! Love is more powerful than anything! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  2. Thank you for your insights, Diane. I’ve found that:
    Listening, really listening (without focusing on what I’m about to say next) can help a lot.
    I can either judge a person or love them.
    Ego corrodes relationships.
    If I focus on what is “wrong” with the other person, I miss the opportunity to learn more about myself and to grow, and miss the lesson(s) that life is trying to teach me.I don’t appreciate the gifts and blessings life is offering to me during such times.

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    • It’s so hard to see the disintegration of family relationships because of an unforgiving spirit or attitude that disregards all that they have been and meant to each other… Your thoughts are so true about thinking of only the wrongs of the other person…. Diane


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