Merry Christmas to All – Poem

Who Is This Child

Who is this child called Jesus

Will He be in your home this year

Will He be a part of your day

Part of your Christmas cheer?

As you wrap up all the presents

To give to those you love

Will He be one you give to them

That brings peace from God above?

For that’s what Christmas is you know

Beyond the gifts, and Christmas tree

The kiss beneath the mistletoe

Whatever it will be….

Enjoy the turkey or the ham

And gladness on this Christmas ‘eve’

I wish you joy, I wish you love

And of course the peace…. When you believe!

Merry Christmas and Love

Diane xxx


21 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to All – Poem

  1. I’ve been writing myself away on my blog, keeping my mind busy finding myself within my writing. I am settled now and accustomed myself to a hospital journey in a weeks times. I get my new wheels on the 6th January. So I am programming myself now to taking time out. It is the 30th Dec here now so if I do not get to your blog again “Happy new year”

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