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Though I’m absent for awhile, I’d like to interrupt this temporary leave of absence to reblog this post, so that we as fellow bloggers can spread the word…Her site is here; Sparking Hope (Diane)


It broke my heart when I learned that Gibber, of Gibber Jabber, needed to work.  She needed food.  A home.  Socks.

It broke my heart to learn that because of those pedestrian needs, Gibber was reluctantly closing her blog.  She collected questions, silly and serious, and we all provided the answers!  It was great fun.  You remember it, surely!

gibber-jabberin Whoa is me, to have questions yet unanswered.  To have the question collector need to make a damn living.

Well, to make a short story long, Gibber had to make some money.  Dinero.  Big, fast bucks — Canadian so they don’t quite count up so quickly.

So our Gibber set up shop as a candle crafter.  Yes!  She started Sparking Hope Candles!  Hand-made, hand-scented, soy-based peace in a mason jar.  Her candles are really beautiful. See?

slide_2 Sparking Hope Candles

And they smell good.  And they support soy farmers who aren’t bloggers…

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