Decision Made – Time Out For a Little While

I guess when I wrote the post yesterday, I had really already decided but wanted to ‘sleep on it’…. so decision made! I’m therefore taking a hiatus for a time; not sure for how long but I will be back.

When I come back and I fully intend to, it will be with the intention of writing still whatever I feel led to, but I’m hoping that it will include a broader spectrum than I’ve been able to write about lately.

As I said in my previous post, there has been quite a bit of things going on, and I think I’m tired and emotionally just strung out, and my motivation is just lacking.

I will be of course wondering what’s going on for many of you, and I hope that if you feel so inclined you will email me at

My email is of course on my blog site, in case you forget it.

Thanks for your friendship!

31 thoughts on “Decision Made – Time Out For a Little While

  1. Hi Diane!

    A blogging break can really give motivation and energy back. And it can help to see things clearer. I had one before; and it was much needed and definitely did its job. Take all the time you need and come back please. We will be here waiting for you 🙂

    Hugs, Ilka

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  2. Hi Diane,

    I guess I came at the wrong time, but I can so well relate to the lacking motivation scenario 🙂

    Yes, as bloggers and writers, we all need breaks – after all we aren’t machines to keep running all the time. More so, I guess we have a lot going on at the other fronts that also needs attention. I can say because I take it off pretty often too, so hope you enjoy your little break. And we’d see you once you are back, all rejuvenated.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

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  3. I was out for a while, too, but we always come back, don’t we? So, I will be waiting for your return. Hopefully, things straighten out themselves and you get done whatever has to be done. I will certainly miss your posts and friendship!


  4. It’s sad to see you are taking a hiatus from the blogging scene. I am sure you have good reason and sometimes a break is far better and more welcome that being just plain burned out! So although I will miss you, I wish you all the best and hope to see you back full swing soon 🙂

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  5. As I shared on your previous Post Diane, our Motivation for all good things especially what we share comes from Jesus our only Teacher through the empowering of The Holy Spirit and if you feel He is asking you to rest and not Blog for awhile, than this is what you need to do.

    Some of course although it’s very sad, don’t seek His leading and so their Blogs are just their Blogs not His too and I have seen many abandoned ones yet strangely others have taken them over even claiming the previous Posts and Identity as their own, why they do this I don’t know but it has been confirmed and they often have Security warnings on their Blog so we can know we are being deceived, yes some are Cults but others claim to be Christians.

    I will be in Touch – Take Care dear Diane and rest, you have been there for others in need but you need to be Loving to you too.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

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  6. I like that you’re choosing to stop doing something that is providing so little joy to you at this time. May you find activities that bring you great joy. Perhaps one day that will once again include blogging. Until then, may life be a great adventure for you my friend.

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  7. I will miss hearing your voice and hope you return to writing soon. I am thinking of starting an online salon for women 60+ and was going to approach you for ideas and submissions. When I get going would it be ok if I still reach out to you?

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