Do You Ever Wonder?

Do you ever wonder if maybe others are tired of reading what you write? Do you ever think maybe you should stop writing? Probably not; and if those questions are coming to me, maybe I shouldn’t be anymore!

Maybe I’m just tired….maybe lack of concentration because of the various things happening over the past year, and it’s just catching up to me.

Maybe I’m just preoccupied in my thoughts, and have just lost what it is that motivated me to write a blog.

Maybe this and maybe that.

Maybe tomorrow will bring me the answer I need… or soon anyway!

p.s. afterthought …. not meaning to sound pathetic or anything, just my thoughts right now.


24 thoughts on “Do You Ever Wonder?

  1. I feel Diane a great Joy when reading God’s Truth on Blogs and sharing it too but at times I read what is great error and not just by Cults, some even blame God for their hardship and suffering and this upsets me and I feel what is the point when I have already shared His Truth with them as confirmed in Scripture but than I remember it’s not about me, we are to glorify God. Yes I have been told He is bigger enough to take care of Himself but when you Love someone you want to stand up for them and contend with them against all evil.

    So when I’m feeling down about Blogging and with all my Computer problems, I remember a Post message I shared a few years ago, I will leave a link for you below but there is another reason that I don’t give in to negative feelings, I know I’m being led by Jesus through my writing into all Truth and we all need this reassurance but for me I have no doubt now because I’m Dyslectic and can’t write fluently, even a personal letter can take up to a week for me to write and at times longer, I sometimes write backwards, I can’t Spell and Punctuation and Grammar is confusing because they keep changing them.

    But God is the Superglue even if I’m a cracked vessel and so I can write Post messages, Comments and answer e-mails when needed, even personal ones from my close friends and Scripture comes to mind as I write and some things that I have shared I didn’t even know myself when I wrote them but now they have been confirmed by Scripture many times and I have no doubt it is how Jesus is Teaching me which includes recognizing error, both with man’s Translation and deception by False Teachers.

    Yes I’m still learning but since I asked for God’s wisdom and empowering by The Holy Spirit I have much more understanding of things that I didn’t know and my confusion has gone, if I don’t understand anything now I ask Jesus and He explains, although not audibly or by visions but in my thoughts, which He than confirms with Scripture or Creation and they do not contradict.

    I even Thank God for Firefox, which corrects my Spelling, yes He works through Technology too.

    Blogging for Jesus-

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

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  2. There is no rule that says you have write every day – the joy of blogging is that it connects us with people and allows freedom in writing choosing what to and when to write. I do like what Russ said, every now and then we do need to take a break, get our ducks back in a row or just plain rest – as I tell people even Jesus rested and remember so did God! You are precious and you need to do what you feel is best for you and for your spiritual and personal life.

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  3. Diane, that is completely understandable. In fact, that is why I sometimes post music that I’ve been listening to instead of actually writing… because my thoughts would be very negative but worship brings me back to center. You are absolutely the greatest encourager I know and I am certainly not bored by what you write. Quite the opposite, in fact, as it is reassuring to know that we are not going through this alone. I say this not to guilt you buy to reassure you that your words do make an impact. Take care of you – physically, emotionally, spiritually – and those you love. If you wake up one day with a single sentence or an 800 word blog post, wonderful. If not, you have listened to your heart and done the right thing. I pray for rest and peace.

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  4. That feeling comes – the tiredness, the questioning. It is one of the reasons I have long blogging breaks. I needed to find inspiration and reason for writing and blogging. Have a fruitful and joyful vacation. 🙂

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  5. Hi Diane, I enjoy reading you but understand if you feel the need for a break…maybe blogging is for a season; maybe you’ll return with fresh ideas. I think it’s ok to blog occasionally too! Will miss you…

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  6. Yes we all feel that way. 2015 was an especially bad year for be blogging post, I had less than half the posts I wrote in 2014 (the year I started). And then all of a sudden things took off for me in November. I feel motivated and inspired to write and ideas are falling like fall leaves 🙂
    You are right…tomorrow will be different!

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  7. If people are tired of what you write, they don’t need to read it. I think you should write, first and foremost, for you and I think you should write when inspired (positively or negatively); when you need to get something off your chest or you just want to jot down a memory or post a picture for the sake of posterity; and if you reach just one person with your thoughts and wisdom, then all the better and if not, then it is just your little treasure 🙂

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    • You’re right about people not needing to read what I write… I think though that I’m just feeling the lace of motivation and I don’t want to keep writing about my issues, all the time. When I started writing I did determine to write about everything and anything,,just what I was feeling. I think right now I’m just ‘dry’. I’m not going to give it up completely so when I feel stronger I’ll begin again. There’s been a lot of stress during the past year (actually more than that and ongoing still) and I don’t want my focus to be ‘tunnel vision’ on this. Thanks for your encouragement. I really appreciate it…. Diane

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  8. I think this every day and, as you’ve noticed, (or maybe you haven’t) my writing had dwindled down to once a week and that’s pushing it. I would miss your words of wisdom so much, so maybe just take a break and come back when you feel the need to write! 💚 deb

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  9. I think most people have that feeling from time to time, Diane. I know I have, and have even stropped blogging for weeks and months at a time. I tend to blog when it brings me joy and do other things when it doesn’t. I don’t know whether that is usual information for you or not, but is my hope that you do whatever brings you joy.

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