Image Search Tool

I was wondering if some of you might be interested, if you don’t already know, that you can do a search on the internet for a photograph.

When I use a photo sometimes in my blog, I wonder if anyone has seen it and thought maybe use if for other purposes. I don’t mean bloggers that read my post, but you know how searches can be done on the internet and find your site, and therefore your photos. There are perhaps some browsers that won’t have this, but if not they may do a search another way. This is often one of the ways, people do copyright searches.

One time when I used a particular photo of my great-granddaughter, curiosity caused me to find ‘Google Image Search’. All you do is click on the camera icon and upload the picture you want to see if it’s anywhere on the internet, and a search will bring up that photo, or similar ones that exist.

My search did not find the one I was wondering about, though it brought up similar images of some young girls.

It’s really amazing when you think of it. Anyway, here’s the link if anyone is interested.

p.s. I have been mostly absent from my blogging for the past few days and for a few more, as I’m at my sister’s place.  Some of you will recall she lost her husband, (my brother-in-law) in July of this year… Diane


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