From ‘Aunt Diane’

I have written a letter in the form of a poem, to my niece ‘A’. She is just 52 and is battling cancer for the third time. This time it does not seem, except for a miracle that she will overcome this latest battle. She has had much to bear in her life, having had a child who passed from a ‘crib’ death, and another born blind and deaf and severely disabled who lived until he was 11, but who was only supposed to live for 5 years or less. He was her joy!

One asks why so much for one person to handle in life? Even as a Christian we are not immune to asking those questions. And yet we know, that it is not God that wills this for her, but only that Christians are not exempt from trials and sorrows, but that we go through them with His help.

We will be seeing her in a week or so, as she and her husband decided that too many visitors on a continual basis was too much for her; too fatiguing… so have set aside a couple of days when anyone can visit her.  I was thinking of her tonight and wrote this to her! For those who believe in prayer, please do!

Dear ‘A’,

There are no words, to adequately say

What my heart is feeling today.

Can I know what’s in your mind and heart?

Can I get a glimpse and be a part?

For all who know and love you so

We feel so helpless and want to bestow

Some comfort, and yet we cannot share

The trials you’ve had so much to bear.

Your smile and spirit is ever present

Your perseverance is always evident.

You ask not for pity, I know that of you

Instead of pity, this is what I will do.

Just tell you, I love you and if it could be

Instead of you, it would be ‘me’

Truly I tell you, I would gladly exchange….

Places with you; if I could only arrange

I say this not glibly, I honestly feel

That if I could do that, I would get down and kneel

And ask God if possible, please let it be,

To take all that you bear, and please let it be me

You surely must know how much we all care

And that is because of all ‘you’ have shared


So wrap yourself, in our love and our prayers!

Love Aunt Diane xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


28 thoughts on “From ‘Aunt Diane’

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  2. that is a beautiful letter – she will be blessed with your visit. We do not know God’s way but His timing is always perfect even when He received my husband in His arms – too soon for me, but perfect for Him. Praying for her healing and to experience the presence of our Lord in her life.

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  3. That’s a beautiful poem. Others going through similar situations would likely also find it comforting. I hope it is some comfort to your niece. I don’t understand why some of us bear so much pain, and others go through life virtually untouched by tragedy. I don’t believe it’s ‘God’s will’, but it does seem to be fate. But maybe that’s really the same thing. Either way, we are helpless to ease some people’s pain.

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  4. Beautiful words of Love Diane, your heart words reflect what Jesus did for us, He suffered so we wouldn’t Eternally.

    God is a God of the impossible and sometimes it’s also impossible for Him to see us continue to suffer and so He intervenes, which could be by a Miracle or some other way but one day soon He will put an end to all evil which includes illness such as Cancer but He is patient waiting for all His own to all come to Heart repentance.

    I will hold you all close to God’s heart in my Prayers.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

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