A Frustrating Day………….Sorry, grumbling!

This electronic age we are now living in, has many benefits ! We can text, email, tweet, fax and last but not least ‘phone’. Sometimes the telephone is the last option when we have no other choice. There are those of us, now speaking for myself, that worked for many years where the telephone was a large and necessary part of the job. So now, while I of course use the phone for things that are necessary, or to speak to friends and relatives; I do admit to not spending a lot of time on the phone.

However, when a business has a phone and one needs to contact them, I am so tired and frustrated by the voice mail options that are endless. I want to be able when it’s important to say “I want to speak to a real live person please!”

Even when we’re given an option to speak to a receptionist, we then get another voice message from them, indicating they can’t take the call because they’re busy, and will call back. I want to say “I’m sorry but I need to confirm something now, and I don’t know how long it will be before you decide you have time to call me back”.

What on earth even happened to business etiquette? What happened to customer service? What happened to someone caring on one end of the phone, especially when it’s a doctor’s office, that perhaps several hours or in one case the secretary indicated 3 days for non-urgent calls, to be returned; oh and don’t call back and leave more than the one message!  I want to shout sometimes, that it will only take two minutes of their time, but I really need to know now! The answer depends on what I will be doing that day, or whether or not to cancel.

What I end up doing is ‘waiting’ because after all, I don’t want to be considered a nuisance. Then they might make me wait longer.

As if you haven’t guessed, I’ve just made such a call, and have been waiting for a call back for 1 1/2 hours,  and now my husband is wondering if he’ll drive a half hour to the office to see if he can get an answer that way, so we know what we’ll be doing in the afternoon.

(cont’d later in the day) Well, around the time my husband was ready to go, we received a call with the answer we needed!

We did get to our other appointment with the information needed. Unfortunately, our appointment was for 3 pm made on Wednesday for today. We were there about 15 minutes early, and the person that we needed to help us was with a lady and that was fine. It was even fine when that appointment went 15 minutes over as one has to expect this may happen. But what wasn’t okay, was that a person who walked in without an appointment was then going to be looked after before us.

Okay, so I have always considered myself a patient person, and I really still do, because if it had been an urgent reason that they had taken this lady before, I would have understood. This wasn’t a doctor’s office, but I was going to be fitted for a new mask for my CPAP machine; a full face one instead of just a nasal mask. When I called the company the woman made an issue about having an appointment, for this kind of thing. So when this other person just walked in with a similar issue, I felt sure they would take me first.

Well, I politely said, though in a somewhat irritated tone, that I was sorry but I couldn’t wait any longer, and could I please have the prescription for the new mask that had been sent to them by the doctor, as I would need to take it elsewhere. When she went to get it, I told the other person, that it was not her fault, but the people who worked for the company, and that it was because of our conversation on the telephone combined with their action, that was the problem…. and not to worry. The employee came back looking a bit perplexed, took a look at the prescription and said we can do this for you; but my husband having sat very quietly to this point said, that our appointment was for 3 and  they were late to start with, and then took someone else first. Before leaving with it, I again said to the other woman, it was not her fault!

So, this post is a ‘grumbly’ post and much too long, but I guess I needed to vent. I wouldn’t blame anyone for not reading it, as there is nothing uplifting in ‘this one’…….





22 thoughts on “A Frustrating Day………….Sorry, grumbling!

  1. Hi Diane, just a note to say I so detest the phone tree system too and long for a human instead of choices not even close to the issue I am calling about. My poor mom used to get so flustered with numbers that are farmed out to call centres in other countries. She phoned me once to say “but I pushed English” and I know just how she felt. Some think this is cheaper to farm out the call centres. I would hazard a guess that the loss of customers erases any savings. Wishing you the best with your calls and personal business. 😊

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    • Thanks… It sure takes a lot more patience and time to sort things out now days.. Fortunately my frustration is normally not so evident or at least ‘public’… and I’m back learning to live with the realities of the electronic age… Diane

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  2. When my mom was in a nursing home for rehab of a broken shoulder and wrist, the on staff dr came in to see her. Mom had not been feeling well, so she was in the bathroom. The dr. sat on the bed for a few seconds and said “how long will she be”. I had already had it with the facility and lack of care mom was receiving, and replied, “As long as it takes”. He said he didn’t have all day to wait. I said I would be sure to let him know that the next time he kept me waiting in his office. He left and I requested a new dr. the facility obliged. Who says our time isn’t as valuable as theirs??!! Sorry to go on but I feel your pain. Doctors aren’t what they used to be.

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    • I find that I do have more ‘boldness’ also if I am advocating for another one… those that need help to stand up for themselves, such as you had to do. My own mother was in a nursing home for the last 7 years of her life, and if there is no one to hold staff to accountability the patient can be overlooked sometimes in the busyness of the day! Thanks for reading and your thoughts…. Diane

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  3. If I had a penny for each time this has happened to me, we would both be wealthy people! I usually am able to “hold my cool” but have on occasion gone off on the person in charge. I certainly don’t mind waiting more time if the person who walks in without an appointment is an emergency. But I get frustrated (sometimes too much) when made to wait on that person who just popped in. One would think things would run smoother with this digital age. They don’t. Instead people have lost the ability to communicate with other people and have themselves become digital and robotic. O.K….rant over! 🙂

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    • At least your rant was shorter than mine! I think there is just not the emphasis on ‘people’ or ‘customer’ in the medical or business world anymore. Having said that, I know some do exist, I have experience the odd one here and there. My rant over too! Diane

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  4. Sure is frustrating Diane and it’s the same when you call a Phone and Internet Provider or any Service.

    I don’t believe we have to be Happy Clappy all the time, it’s not healthy to block our emotions including frustration, yes we need to resolve negative emotions but we always need to feel free to express them too and no doubt others would agree, sharing also helps to resolve them.

    You may remember the message Diane on the link below, but it’s interesting that you have put a Like on it when I didn’t even know you than but perhaps you knew me or once again WordPress Staff have added their own touches, they did it yesterday with my Post too, which to me is dishonest and annoying, how can we respond when we don’t know what are genuine responses or made up ones.

    I Trust everyone till they show they can’t be Trusted, they don’t have to earn my Trust but they will loose it if they are dishonest, but sadly today most people don’t care even some Christians justify their dishonesty, when their seeking to deceive with evil intent.

    Heaven – https://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2012/05/01/is-that-heaven-on-the-line/

    I received your e-mail, Diane, thank you, I’m still waiting to see if I can send e-mails, if so I will respond soon. Also can I add you to my Blogroll, I kept forgetting to ask you.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.


  5. Ouch. It is terrible anymore dealing with the medical profession but I am going to be an apologist for this profession. Doctor’s have had their reimbursements cut terribly while at the same time they have to meet increasing demands for customized documentation for reimbursement. The time they are PERMITTED to spend with a patient is strictly enforced. Did you know that if you are readmitted to a hospital within one month of your initial admission the hospital will not be reimbursed for the second admission? All of this has led to massive staffing cuts which have resulted in long delays in returning telephone calls, etc. The state of medicine in this country is a complete disgrace. But in the meantime the insurance companies show record profits.

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    • Hi.Thanks for your insight about the medical field. .Likely most countries’ healthcare system are taking a beating. Ours’ here in Canada is still good, and I do consider myself fortunate for it…but I do know the gov’t is again intending to cut doctor’s earning potential. I don’t understand when all the politicians say healthcare is one of ..if not ‘the’ most important service.

      I worked in a doctor’s office and I actually ‘thought’ of the person at the other end of the line. In the many ways of dealing with businesses it is just so disconcerting that voice mail reduces us to a call back to a telephone number… instead of the person. With the specialist’s message to expect 3 days for a non-emergency call, I happened on more than one occasion to hear her phone ring while speaking not to a patient, but to another employee and personal conversation. So, yes for sure in the medical establishments they have to make cuts, but I still believe the attitude is really not the best in general

      Most of the time, I just roll with it but yesterday I gave in to my frustration I’m afraid… Diane.


  6. Diane, I do sympathise – very frustrating. Sometimes the automated responses we get on the phone are downright creepy. Frustrated by a frozen iPhone screen I told Siri to ‘go away’! She promptly replied that I might have chosen a more polite response and just said goodbye – as I said, creeepy!

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  7. Well sometimes it helps to just get it out, so hopefully you feel better now and just maybe they will remember and take better care of their customers in the future. I hope your day got better!

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