Fraud Call!

Recent painting of view by Trent River where my brother and his wife live.

Recent painting of view by Trent River where my brother and his wife live.

While this is serious, we ended up laughing about it in the end.

We received a call supposedly from one of our banking credit card companies, alerting us that there was a potential fraud in process. My husband got the call as they said it was on his card. Actually he was kind of confused at the time thinking that someone else was using our card, so he spoke to the person who asked him to get his card out, and the first step was to verify the first four numbers of his card.

I asked my husband ‘W’ to put in on speaker so I could hear as well…. and scribbled ‘no information’! When he put it on speaker I asked who was calling, telephone number and name. The man said that he could only speak to the card holder and not me, so my husband just repeated what I said. He then told my husband if he wouldn’t cooperate then they couldn’t stop the fraud from happening. At this point I interjected that we don’t give information over the phone, and he said again he would only speak to my husband ‘b****’!

My husband then said that we wouldn’t give any information, and that we’d be calling the police. At that point he said “You do that you idiot”!

Here endeth the call! We did phone telephone number on our card and reported it and gave them the telephone number where the call originated. After my email hacking last year, I am always super cautious about giving any vital information by email or by phone!

I had to laugh after the fact, because of this so-called bank representative calling me a ‘b****’ … not too professional! I may sometimes be frustrating to talk to, but it’s been quite awhile….like ‘never’ that I’ve evoked such a name!

p.s. decided to add a recent painting just to brighten this post

35 thoughts on “Fraud Call!

  1. Goodness me- if they are going to be fraudulent, then they need to be a little more convincing! Glad you aren’t too shaken up by it. Glad your hubby was there.

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  2. One can never be too careful about these calls. Normally, I let the call go if I don’t recognize the number. I was thinking if the call is truly important and genuine, the caller will leave a message.

    On another note, your painting is gorgeous. You are getting better and better as a painter. 🙂

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    • It’s likely quite true that if it’s important they will leave a message… it’s just that we’re so used to getting calls from many different places and so sometimes we just answer instead of trying to figure it out… Thanks for your kind thoughts about my painting… I’m hoping to learn more each time … Diane


  3. You were so right to be suspicious of the call. I am super-cautious also, making sure that some emails from banks and such are legitimate. I find it so hard to understand people that do this hacking, and fraud. Seems like an awful lot of work for very little reward. Really glad you are able to laugh about it. I hope you recover from being called B****. Unprofessional indeed.

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  4. Your painting is so good! Wow!!
    So glad you were on top of the scam being run on you! I get those calls too and now if I don’t know the phone number, I don’t answer the phone!

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  5. I wasn’t going to Log on Diane until after I got home from Church but I just had to tell you how beautiful your Painting is, I will have to pay for your autograph soon , it’s OK I won’t ask for your card details.

    Yes I have also been a victim of Fraud, it was about 3 or 4 years ago, someone took over my identity and brought a red Masada car in my name, I was phoned by the Car yard who wanted the first installment, fortunately they hadn’t asked for enough Security details so I didn’t have to pay for it but the Police warned me never to put any of my personal details on the Internet again and I haven’t. I now have an Australian Post Card, if I need to buy anything I don’t have to give my personal details when I use it, if they won’t accept it, I don’t buy their goods or donate.

    About 6 years ago I received an E-mail telling me I had won a large sum of money, yes I had been chosen out of thousands of people, of course they didn’t know my last name or tell me why I was so amazing that they felt compelled to choose me. All I had to do was give them my Bank details and they would deposit the Money into my Account for me. Well with not being born yesterday and my name not being Eve, I declined Shock, Horror , Horror, yes I forfeited all that Money and no doubt was called a few unflattering names too, evil has no respect.

    Christian Love now and always – Anne.

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    • Hi, Yes there are so many ways that people try to cheat others. My son had his identity stolen once but fortunately it was caught before any serious problem. Thanks for the kind remark about the painting. I just have fun.. so much I don’t know but that’s okay.. Diane


  6. better safe than sorry – and I really don’t understand the people that think it is okay to speak and act teh way the do – hope you’ve recovered and your painting has made you smile.

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  7. Wow that’s just crazy! I’m so glad that you guys didn’t give out any info. He was busted and apparently didn’t like that much ha! You’re painting is awesome. You’re really talented!

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