A Kindness to Grandparents – Poem

Tonight we had a visit from one of our grandsons and his girlfriend K. Ther’re both in their twenties and have been seeing each other for a few months. In the past month they’ve been twice.

Other grandchildren come sometimes too, often to help out with something my husband needs assistance with outside. Sometimes laying patio stones, and one time a garden arbour, and to make our outside steps safer and a better railing.

It was just nice for B. and K. to come for no other reason than just to have dinner and visit.

I was just sitting here thinking about the laughter that especially young people seem to bring with them. At the end of the post you’ll see some ‘silly’ photos that my Ipad took under some app called ‘photo booth’ that does weird things, that my grandson introduced me to!

Anyway, I wrote this poem tonight a while after they left.

This is what they normally look like

This is what they normally look like

It means a great deal

To Poppy and I

That you take time to visit

To say more than just ‘Hi’

When we get older

And hold memories dear

It’s moments like you bring

With love so sincere

You’re young and are busy

Many places to be

And yet you take time

For Poppy and me

It seems that you’ve learned

Something special indeed

It’s not money or riches

That make you succeed

It’s kindness and love

That comes from your heart

And so know that we love you

Love that will never depart.

Nanny and Poppy


They say two head are better than one

They say two heads are better than one

Katrina & Brandon four

crazy times three

Katrina and Brandon 2015 funny pictures

True Love

Katrina and Brandon three

Rubbing noses if they could only find them

Wally funny picture

He looks like a bit like a Pelican

This one looks like my head is exploding..

This one looks like my head is exploding..


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