DP “Last Words”

Prompt: You have the chance to write one last post on your blog before you stop blogging forever. Write it.

This prompt is an old one, so I won’t link it, but I did keep it because I thought I might do it at some future time.

I thought that this was actually a chance to write a ‘last post’, in case at some point I don’t actually get the chance to do so.  Maybe I’m feeling vulnerable, or with the recent passing of my brother-in-law, understanding that we don’t and can’t know the future.

So, with all that said I would like to say that since beginning with WordPress in November 2011, I have had so many surprises, in what actually is and has been involved. Having only heard that funny word ‘blogging’ once or twice before, and with trepidation trying to follow instructions on just how to begin, it has been an amazing journey.

That very first post that I did and really never understanding or believing how I  would ever connect with anyone else. Who, I thought would ever come across my blog and actually read it? Maybe I thought at some point one or two might accidentally come across it, but never did I think that hundreds would. Though my followers’ stats are over 700, we know that many come and go and likely never even read a post, but simply follow for their own reasons. Just to know however, that several hundreds have at least passed through, and some further bloggers who perhaps read and ‘like’ one or two posts but then don’t return. But that’s alright! There are some who come and stay. They might not read everything I write, because I do so on various topics and not every post will appeal every time.

I have met such wonderful people through blogging; caring, supportive, enlightening, thought-provoking and some who have become close friends. Some of you I would really love to meet, though I most likely never will. Maybe it’s better anyway, because we have many friendships in life and relate to in different ways; so maybe blogging is the connection in our case.

So, if I never get to write that ‘good-bye post’, at least you will know if these were the last words I wrote,  how special my time with all of you ‘is/was’.

To quote Bob Hope (those of you who may remember him)….. “Thanks for the memories”

“For reading what I write,

For making my day bright,

For ‘liking’ even though

It maybe wasn’t so,

For ‘following’ me too

No matter what I do!”

“I thank you, so much”

Diane xx

20 thoughts on “DP “Last Words”

  1. Blogging fellowship and friendship is probably the best thing about blogging. Thanks for your ongoing support and I hope you won’t have to close your blog that soon!

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  2. Funny that this is the first thing that showed up in my reader today. I have been getting less involved here. I’ve been thinking about writing just such a post, but after reading this I think I will try again to be active here. I miss my friends, like you, Diane. Thanks for a lovely post!

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  3. As you shared Diane, Blogging friendship is special just like all our other friendships, your friendship is special to me and when possible I read your Posts or seek to catch up if I have missed them, which has happened a few times with Computer problems and since I have been in Hospital.

    I never intended to Blog but was encouraged to so but still was not sure because of my being Dyslectic, this makes it hard for me to write and spell but I let my new Blogging friend set up my Blog up for me and didn’t even know it was in America till later, she did ask for a Name for my Blog but none were accepted so I prayed for a name and Freedomborn was born but with my spell check it is spelled Freedom which is what my Blog is mostly about Freedom in Christ Jesus, I changed the theme before I started Posting and yes there has been ups and downs and I even wanted to give up but someone always encouraged me unknowingly to stay by their Posts or comments.

    Christian Love and Blessings Always – Anne.

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