It Arrived!

Well, I wrote about this recently here.  It’s about putting some of my blogs into a book; not for publishing or selling but only for my personal use. A fellow blogger posted about this company Blog2Print, who will put into a book, the blogs you choose to print. I couldn’t have recommended it before I got it, but it came today and I am very pleased with it.

There are a few things which I might advise anyone who is thinking of doing this also, but they are minor.

  1. Read the questions and answers on their site, as there is good information. When I called them, the fellow didn’t happen to give me too much information, and didn’t advise me to read about the process.
  2. When choosing which blogs to print, (you need to select one by one, unless you have definite dates ‘from this date to this date’ or maybe ‘all’; I can’t quite remember)  I did try not to select ‘Reblogged ones, but missed a few.
  3. Make sure your profile photo is a good clear one, as mine was grainy and didn’t print too clearly.
  4. I selected and printed about 267, (+index) = 281 pages (maximum allowable about 445)  and I chose not to have each one start on a new page, so each one ran into the next one, which is okay and not really an issue, except that sometimes a photo that belongs with one post, ends up at the beginning of the next one. The reason I did that was of course, it costs more to do it the other way.
  5. The Title of my book could have been more interesting but it was at first not clear to me that I could change it, and I couldn’t revise it once it was completed. By this time I had read the questions and answers… oops too late.
  6. You have a choice of what size to print photos, which I did ‘small’ and are okay for me but you may want to choose larger size.

I am very pleased with the appearance, as I chose from the many options and put a photo on the front and back covers. I chose hard cover, again because of the cost. You can do a dedication too, and then there is an index of the title of each post. I chose from latest date to most current.

The cost of this was $130 u.s. plus shipping which to Canada was less than $15.  I believe it is well worth it and I may get more copies if anyone I know in my family shows an interest.

So I can now say that I definitely recommend it, and if anyone does decide to go ahead and order one, maybe you could let me know. My email is on my sidebar.

I would have changed the Title to 'Thoughts and Memories' by Diane ...

I would have changed the Title to ‘Thoughts and Memories’ by Diane …


23 thoughts on “It Arrived!

    • Well, I knew nothing when I went to the site. You just follow the instructions … reading the information I suggested, and give them access to your blog site…. While giving access takes trusting them, I took a chance that it would be okay and after seeing that they are an upright company and the finished product, I can say I am satisfied with the result. It sure saved a lot of work than trying to do it myself… Diane

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