Excerpts and Moments From a Week with a 6 Year Old

imageWell my time with my 6 year old great-granddaught is over. It was a fun time but as you can imagine,  also tiring. I certainly cherished these days, because once school starts we won’t see her too much.

A six-year old does come out with some funny things; like when we were in the car she asked, “why do people say, ‘I told you a thousand times, instead of just saying the truth; that they just told you two or maybe three times’?” We examined that for awhile and just kind of said that we didn’t know, but people, especially parents do tend to say it. This became a standing response throughout her visit.

The first night she was here, it was getting close to lights, and television off and time to go to sleep.  I asked her to go and brush her teeth etc. and come back. She did, but holding her stomach and with tears in her eyes, saying that she had a tummy ache. Okay, now in reality I do know that this is very likely a delay tactic, but not wanting to guess that it was, I said I would get her a hot water bottle to put on her tummy and maybe that would help. After a very few minutes, she said it wasn’t helping, so I gave her a little pepto-bismal (making sure it was okay for children, as one does forget these things). I gave her a very tiny amount and within a very few minutes again, she told me it wasn’t helping either.

So I asked her what else could I do, and she didn’t know. I said well, I can’t give you anymore medicine, so perhaps she could just lay down and try to sleep. She said I don’t think I can go to sleep, and so I said that it wouldn’t help to ‘try’, but to maybe think of things that made her happy, or things or people she loved.  A big grin came on her face, and I asked her what it was; and she said Disney World. So that was good, and I suggested to think about all those who loved her too. I left the room with trepidation and lo and behold, she fell asleep finally. Crisis averted!

We went to Chucky Cheese’s too. For those who don’t know, it’s a restaurant for children and with games for them. Of course one has to purchase tokens to play these games, but I used them too and we had a  lot of fun there. Oh, and we took her to a movie to see Minions. I checked to see that it was appropriate, but half way through I asked her with hope in my heart, whether she liked it or not. The ‘hope’ was that she didn’t, and wanted to go, but alas she liked it and we had to stay.

Well, we did spoil her but I think grand-parents and great-grandparents are allowed to!

Oh, and one way I knew that I was perhaps a little lot past being tired, was when I was trying to turn the volume of my hearing aid up, but it wouldn’t work. Then I noticed how loud the television was all of a sudden. Ooops wrong remote!   Sighhhhhh!

13 thoughts on “Excerpts and Moments From a Week with a 6 Year Old

  1. Wow Diane it sounds like some of the experiences and conversations I have had with the Children in my Funday School especially the ones that sleep over for the weekends and yes they do surprise me at times with their honest feeling responses.

    I have a Joy wall and when the Children write to Granny Annie or send me a card I put it up on my wall and yes I keep it in my heart too.

    Some years ago when my Funday School was not running I was feeling a little sad because of it being Mothers Day, often the Children would write a card or a letter to say thanks and tell me they Loved me too but there was none this year until a friend took me out to lunch and while we were eating a young girl whom I had noticed was coloring in like some other Children in the Restaurant who supplied the materials for them to do so, came over and gave me the picture she had just finished, it had Happy Mother’s Day written on it, why I don’t know I was a stranger but I felt Jesus understood my sadness and responded through this little girl.

    Christian Love dear Diane- Anne.

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  2. Kids are so funny at that age! Some of the things that come out of their mouths is almost too adult. Keeping my 6 year old granddaughter for this weekend has been educational for grandma and a giggle fest for her. Seems like grandma does silly stuff! (?) Her favorite word has been to correct me about how her life in first grade is by beginning every sentence with “Actually..” Just too funny!

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  3. Love the post! We’ve had three small grandchildren (4, 2 and 2) and their mums staying all summer. I need to jot down some of the funny things they’ve come out with. Hard work but so, so rewarding. I miss them now they’ve gone home – as you will miss your great granddaughter. Meryl

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