Couple of Notes

Hi, Just a couple of things. You may recently received emails saying ‘Nanny’ and not Diane. At least I suspect you did. I couldn’t at first figure it out and then I realized since August 1st Microsoft bought Skype. I used to use it but only yesterday after having  computer problems (2nd issue)  and reading about cancellation etc. I realized my ‘skype name’ was now being linked to my name on my email. Oh my, M.S. strikes again ‘ha’. For those of you who have followed me, you may remember my struggle with them a year or so ago. Anyway, I’ve cancelled Skype. I did use it occasionally only.

The second issue is that my laptop crashed yesterday. I could not get any response from it. I hope it wasn’t related to a pop-up I had which I suspected was not good, as it was one of those that doesn’t give you any option to ‘x’ out of it, and I also had another pop-up a couple of days ago while in a game on facebook (Smarter than a Fifth Grader… and I’m not by the way) … re flash player. Anyway I don’t know what caused it but after looking at the various programs that use a lot of computer memory etc, I decided to cancel some, and Skype was one of them

I’m doing this on my IPAD as I had to leave the computer to be fixed. I find it somewhat frustrating that even though we pay monthly for any computer issue .. ‘we thought’… they will fix the computer alright BUT IF YOU WANT TO BE SURE TO SAVE THE DATA…meaning all documents and pictures and miscellaneous things it’s another $99. So they’ll fix it but won’t ensure the data, unless you pay extra. Oh, I read it in small print when I checked, that it cannot be promised…. again unless you pay the extra cost because then they will transfer the data.

So, because I’m on this IPAD which I just got for my birthday, and I don’t know really how to use it… I plan on taking it in to Apple to find out, I may not be able to respond to replies to comments I make on other sites. The little icon that lights up to indicate this on my site, for some reason that I can’t figure out, doesn’t display. If you can tell me how to make it please let me know.

I do get notifications of your posts via email.

Oh, and I’m doing this on the new dashboard because I don’t have the url link to the old one, and if you do could you send me it, because I do not like this new one… thanks

Anyway, just thought I’d update you…..  Diane

16 thoughts on “Couple of Notes

  1. Wish I could help, I have an android tablet so do not know how ipad works. I do know on my tablet instead of using the app I just got to WordPress dashboard in the browser instead and then i see the same dashboard as on the computer.

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  2. I use my iPad Diane. I’ve downloaded the App from the App Store..fairly straightforward but then I haven’t tried posting from my laptop so I’m unsure of the difference 😃


        • So far I haven’t noticed any number beside the app icon. I do get notifications about likes and comments on my blogs and of new posts of those I follow via email but the little icon that should be in top right corner that lights up to say there is a reply from a comment I made doesn’t show. The strange thing is that if I’m reading another person’s blog, it does show up then… It’s weird… I’ll get it sorted out somehow.. Thanks for the information…. Diane

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        • Further to my last reply to you… I just noticed (a little slow) but in my email notifications I do get one to say there is a reply to a comment I made and a link to the comment. So it’s just that I need to do each one separately rather than seeing them all at one time and in one spot…. I’ve likley totally confused you…. It’s just that it’s different on the IPAD than my laptop…. by the way; I just found out yesterday that the hard drive on my laptop is gone (it’s only a little over a year old) and it’ll be a couple of weeks till I get it back… Diane

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