Do You Really Know Me?

Do you really know me? I would like to ask that of people who have ‘known’ me for many years, and even a much shorter time.

If it’s only a while, you may know me better that those will a much longer acquaintance.

How much do we really let others know what’s inside of us? Speaking for myself, some moments I wear my heart on my sleeve. Then, there are those times, when I don’t let others see what is within, because they may not understand or may reject the importance of my thoughts, and even me.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really take rejection all that well. I do know that as a Christian I should not depend on others’ approval or acceptance, but trust in God. I believe that there are those deep-routed emotions that often stem from our very early years, and they surface from time to time. If we’re wise we don’t dwell on them, but sometimes wisdom eludes us.

There are those who really ‘should’ (there’s that word should again) if they really thought about it, know me… but often I am amazed at the fact they don’t. For if they did, I would know it by their actions and their words.

So, do you think others really know you?

18 thoughts on “Do You Really Know Me?

  1. You give a lot to think about in this post! I do not think people know me all that well, mostly because I am kind of a private person and keep a lot to myself. Though your post has prompted me to think about just how well I know my friends and maybe I should take more time to pay better attention. Good post!

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        • It was a very short reply to your original comment and after I thought about it .. I think I do know a lot (not everything) about myself because I spent many years with recurrent depression so had to delve into who exactly was I and why so sad a lot of the time. I know many of my insecurities from the past though I do not dwell on them anymore… But in sometimes emotional moments they come to mind .. It’s interesting though about doing your thesis on this .. Diane

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          • Self is the remaining great frontier Diane. Our last Everest. I’m so sorry for your trials but glad for the positive benefit of self reflection it gave you, however painful. Depression is an insidious thing. Robyn


  2. Instead of simple creatures, easy to “figure out”, I think we are complex, hard to fully understand…it hurts not to be known but then, how well do we really know others? Meeting and “getting to know” people online is even more complicated!

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  3. I have a few people in the world who know me and all of me. I couldn’t live with some of the stuff in my head. The best part is that even my dark-side they except and me vice-averse. I do know you can’t share every thing with every one but we should be able too. Jesus walked around with lots of crazies!!!!

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    • Yes.. you’re right we do tend to hide some things but the part I do show and the basic traits that I possess… beliefs and emotions and traits; that’s what I think they ‘should know! (I really don’t like the word ‘should but I guess that’s the word I need to use)) Thanks for your comment.. Diane

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