Blog to Book ??

A little while ago a blogging friend did a post about a company that will turn your blog into a book; basically for personal use; at least that’s my understanding. Actually she chose to get her blogs sent to her in PDF so she could arrange them in the future herself.

Today, I phoned to get some information. I had thought I would just select some posts, as that was listed as an option, but when I first inquired it seemed that the only choice for a WordPress blog, was to include all, or from a certain date to another date. When I explained that I had almost 600 and didn’t really want them all, I was advised that only 400-445 pages could be in the book, but that perhaps if some were shorter it would be okay. I had to actually go through the process before I got the message that indeed there were too many to print.

But that was good, because then I got the chance to delete some from being included, and so I could select only the ones I wanted. NOTE: I just went to the site and found ‘Faqs’ at the bottom. I wish I had seen this earlier as it would have answered some of my questions. The gentleman that I spoke to, did really not seem to explain things well to me, and said he didn’t think I had an option to select the posts I wanted.  So, have a look and you’ll find out some more information

Anyway, I ended up with about 250 pages which cost approximately $130 plus shipping (u.s. funds), in a hard cover with pictures and in colour. There are other options available such as soft cover and in black and white only.

I have not yet received the book, so cannot at this point recommend it,  but I will let you know when it comes if anyone is interested. I had been printing off my posts myself, but I have fallen behind and thought this might be the answer to save myself a lot of printing and organizing.

Anyway, here is the link if you want to look into it. The pages by the way are 8 1/2 by 11, so it isn’t a small book as I thought it might be. ( I asked what the size of the pages were as it doesn’t state that, and the fellow on the phone told me????)  There is a toll-free number also.


16 thoughts on “Blog to Book ??

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  2. Thanks for the information Diane I’m sure others will find it helpful but to be honest I’m not interested in writing a Book although I’m sure many are and it’s good to share in this way.

    My Book is already written in Heaven in full color, it’s True, every word we say or even write are recorded and for us as Christians they are our Testimony that God is Faithful. We would not be able to share about Him if we did not believe in His reality and we believe because our eyes have been opened to His Truth by the empowering of The Holy Spirit and by God’s wisdom which we have asked for and received and our actions and words show we have received them (1Corinthians 2: 9-16) yes we are God’s Best Seller! but of course only of value to those who believe in our God of Love.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

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    • Oh, I’m not writing a book. I just want copies of some of the posts I’ve written so that at some point maybe my children will read some of them… (I wrote a post once and in it I said I would have the last laugh, because when I die I will have some there for them to read ) Diane


    • Sure.. I’ll do a short post when it comes. I figure as long as it has my posts in it… (you can choose a color for the cover and write a dedication) so … I will be satisfied… (I hope ha!) Diane


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