Lisa’s Yesterday

Possible Trigger re Child Abuse
I seldom Reblog but there is a reason. Child Abuse is so real and prevalent today, though we maybe don’t want to believe it. Over 40 years ago we had a neighbour, a father of a child maybe 1-1 1/2 years old. He wasn’t very sociable but on occasion with his child in his arms he would pass the time of day. The thing is, in my spirit I just felt something wasn’t right. Sometimes I would hear the little girl cry, but I said .. “of course all children cry’…. One time it went on for awhile and still I rationalized it… I was so close to calling the police to investigate but I didn’t.. Why? because I thought..”what if I’m way off base; after all I don’t have any proof of any abuse etc.?” There came a point when I determined I had to follow through on my gut instinct; but when I did, he had moved very suddenly. Again, instead of doing something… there weren’t the hot lines like there are now… I told myself I was imagining or exaggerating the whole thing. But you know what? I still remember when I hear something like this story… “What if I was right, and I did nothing?” Diane

6 thoughts on “Lisa’s Yesterday

  1. Diane, thank you for bringing such important awareness. Many of us can look back on certain situations and wonder “what if.” You’re helping shed light in a dark place, giving permission (and loving nudge) to do something this time around.

    Praying for all the children who are abused. May we open our eyes and be brave enough to intervene on their behalf.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this Story Diane as a warning, I understand your doubts but we do need to be careful, we need evidence like Nurse Kelly had or no one will listen even to a child who is being abused and yet evidence can be easily washed away as it was with me, for many years I would not have a bath.

    Blessings – Anne.

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