I have been away yesterday and will be again today and unknown thereafter for a few days. We had to go and see my brother-in-law J. and my sister M. J was admitted to hospital in ICU as he had a cerebral hemorrhage from another fall he took last week. He is currently in an induced coma to try and get the bleeding to stop in/around the brain.

Today he will have another ct scan to see if there are any changes for good or otherwise. If nothing really is different than they will try to take him slowly off the support and see how or if he is able to be aroused or reactive, and of course another ct I believe.

I’m only able to pop in from time time to scroll through notifications to see if there is anything urgent, but not really able to take time to read or comment much.

For those who pray, I’d appreciate them. He may not recover and so I covet prayers for my sister M. and family. At this point he is in God’s hands.

Thanks,  Diane xx

20 thoughts on “AWAY RIGHT NOW

    • Thank you Shelley, I’m not sure if he will recover, but prayers still welcome and even especially for my sister who is really finding this difficult and the prospect of losing him… They have been together for over 57years married… Diane

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