Just as I am!

Today’s assignment for Blogging 101 is to create a new feature for my blog. Some things suggested are:

  • A weekly photo post (or even better: a weekly photo gallery post).
  • A monthly Q & A with one of your blogging buddies.
  • A Music Monday, featuring the song that rocked your weekend.
  • A Flavor Friday dedicated to the recipe you experimented with over the previous week.

It’s also suggested that one should try to post on a regular basis.

This is one task that I really can’t do, not to be stubborn or inflexible, but only because when I began blogging I wanted to be able to write whatever was on my mind or heart, whenever I felt led to do so. For me to be concerned about posting a certain number of times a week, or to include concepts or other things that are just not ‘me’…. would just make me too intense and would take away the natural aspect that I have had since I ventured into this wonderful world of blogging.

I must say that I have enjoyed taking part in Blogging 101, last day today unless we choose to do a weekend assignment. I have learned several things and one of the most enjoyable was redoing the theme and widgets etc. of my blog site.

Those at WordPress who gave support were really kind and encouraging throughout these past three weeks.

It was great to interact with others as well who were participating…. some very new bloggers. For these people, some of the suggestions of today will be good ideas to get them started.

I think for me though, that I will have to stick with my concept of what I wanted to blog about, even though it may not be very original or different!

Thank you to those who read what I do write, even though every post is not always of interest to everyone, and that’s okay too!  

I guess I’ll stay ‘Just as I Am”………… Diane

11 thoughts on “Just as I am!

  1. Hi Diane, I just stopped by to tell you that reading your blogging 101 posts I have decided to sign up for it too. Thank you for sharing your journey through the course, if was fun and I am excited to take it and see what I learn… Also I kinda like the music Monday idea, I may do that!

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  2. I noticed your blog looked a bit different, it’s amazing that participating in blogging 101 made you do this. I love how people take daily or weekly challenges, but that absolutely doesn’t work for me. In fact, I always prefer quality to quantity and challenges are pressure, at least to me. I don’t think there’s such an obligation to post like a clock, I’ve got to know so many interesting and great people through blogging by now, and that includes you, but I couldn’t care less about how often they post. It’s simply nice to meet them in the cyber space and it is nice we can support each other. I like reading your posts, but I agree, not that many bloggers are really READING. I suppose, it’s Ok, too, because we are all busy. Have a great weekend and good luck with red floral painting!

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    • Although I did this blogging 101 and did enjoy it… I will likley wait awhile before paricipating again. It’s not something I can do every week. That’s why I normally post as my mind and heart want to do… Thanks for your insight whick closely resembles my thoughts as well…. Diane


  3. I would have to agree with you Diane. It’s always best (for me at least) when a post feels natural and fluid. You’ve obviously have that going on and it’s working for you. Stick with it. I always believe that those who want to be around you will stick by you. As adults, we can also understand that people get busy so we should not expect the world from anyone. You have stated this so we, as your audience, should be accepting or simply cease associating. I know I will take you just as you are. 🙂
    Many blessings.

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