I Know That You’re Listening –

Our Son's cottage (still need to learn a lot)

Our Son’s cottage
(still need to learn a lot)

I know that You’re listening

And how much you care

An answer is waiting

I know that it’s there

Please lead me to where

I will find the relief

Give clear direction

I have the belief

There are things to sort out

Information to find

Lord help to locate it

To ease my mind

I’m just so weary

Please help me I pray

And show me the answer

I seek You today.

Note: I still have a few medical issues to be sorted out…. but the one that is wearing me down is the ‘Tinnitus’. It sounds like such a somewhat irrelevant condition, but the constant high pitch in my left ear right now, is altering my feelings of well-being…’greatly’. I did get a hearing aid as previously mentioned, and had hoped that it might work to mask the tinnitus (noise in my ear).  I have tried two different kinds, with different sounds, but so far it seems that they don’t work. For many with this condition they do. I’m going back likely next week to see if there are any other options, but am somewhat disheartened at this point.!

I have researched online ‘to the tenth degree’, and have found a couple of possibilities that there could be another physical condition that my be affecting or causing the tinnitus to be worse. One is TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint), in that the joint in the jaw may be misaligned or something. Since at some point when I have made certain movements with my jaw, the condition is somewhat relieved, I’m pursuing that option next week.  There may be something that can be done, if that is the case. Also magnesium is suggested as a supplement. I need to investigate that.

Anyway, each day is a struggle from the moment I wake up, as the ringing begins. There is relief when I lay down and sleep, and for that I am very grateful.

I know some of you have been praying for me, and I would ask that if you do you would ask for clear direction to find the cause and treatment or even cure for this issue.  Thanks so much   Diane xx








23 thoughts on “I Know That You’re Listening –

  1. Love the painting! I had a minor ear infection for a few days and the tinnitus in that ear grew exponentially worse to the point of it being unbearable. I hope you find relief.
    Love you,

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  2. Hi Diane, your poem and your painting are lovely. I am so sorry about the tinnitus, I have tinnitus but for the most part I do not notice mine much anymore except when something brings it to mind… like this post, now I hear it so loud lol, but it does not distress me like it used to. Though mine never has truly ever been gone for some odd reason I just don’t notice it, I hope you can get some relief soon and I will pray for you that yours will completely go away.

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    • Hi Terri.. the tinnitus used to be intermittent for many years, and it was manageable, but this now has been consistent for the past two years, and is wearing me out. Thanks for praying… Diane


    • Anne, However you feel led to pray… I covet them. I have prayed fervently but I also know that where two or three are gathered together (even in spirit if not in the same place) in His name, He will hear and answer…. Thanks so much !! Diane xx


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