Ahhh the Memories !

Today’s assignment for Blogging 101, is to do a post that you’d like your ideal audience member to read, and include a new-to-you element in it. They also suggest adding a photo or video or some form of media.

Since my writing tends to be of a serious or matter of fact content quite often, I thought I’d write  something with a little humour, addressed to my three children, now adults of courses with children of their own.

Dear J.W; J.A; and K,

You have brought much joy to your father and I, but you have also brought much laughter and fun times, and memories.

Oh no!!!!

Oh no!!!!

J.W; Do you remember your early teen years, and one of them you were so disheartened by your hair? It was blond of course but so fine and thin, and you wanted it to be more ‘mod’ like the other boys you hung around with. I got the idea that if you got a ‘body’ perm it would thicken your hair up, so you could do more with it. Our neighbour just happened to be a hairstylist, and so we told her what we wanted; just more body or thickness. You went through the process of the highly toxic fumes of the perm, and we anxiously awaited the results. Well, you did have more body alright, but along with it you got lovely curls that resembled Shirley Temple. Our neighbour tried to reassure us that it would relax, and the curls wouldn’t remain. However it was not to be, and for the next few weeks, until your hair grew out some you were stuck with it. Oh, and of course you will always have a reminder of it because it so happened the school pictures were done at that time!

J.A; Do you remember that infamous day, I think you were 14 and you told us in your matter of fact way, that you wished to come and go without curfews or having to be home for supper if you chose not to? After all your friends didn’t have to. Do you remember your father’s and my reaction to your suggestion? We were adamant that while your friends perhaps had more freedom and leeway than you, we were not their parents, and unfortunately his request was ‘denied’.  You ran out the door and took off, and did not heed our calls to you to come back. When you didn’t return after a few minutes, your Dad and I took separate cars and went looking for you. We drove up and down the streets but to no avail. Finally I thought of the bus terminal and went to look there and sure enough, you were on the bus headed for Grandma’s and Grandpa’s place. I guess you do remember me stopping the bus as it pulled out of the loop, and telling the driver my son was on the bus, and I had to get him. When you saw me headed towards you, you looked away and then nodded your head that you weren’t going with me; but I guess when you saw I wasn’t going anywhere you begrudgingly gave in with a somewhat embarrassed look. Your mother had the same look on her face. Anyway, we went home and did more talking to affirm that unfortunately, your curfews remained intact.

K; Do you know what pain I took in always making sure that you and the boys were always dressed for the harshness of the winters in Ontario. We had hats, gloves, boots and snowsuits, to make sure that when you walked to school you would always be warm. I know that not every parent went to the lengths that I did, but you were stuck with me. I had such an assurance that I had done my duty, in assuring your well-being. So you know how shocked I was many years after the fact, to learn that you were embarrassed to be wearing a snowsuit when your other friends did not. So you solved the problem yourself apparently, by taking the snow pants off before you got to school stuffing them under a fence in a townhouse complex, where you would, upon returning from school put them back on so I would not know any difference. This has brought me many laughs as we recount the story, over the years since I found out. Who would have guessed I was causing you such embarrassment, leaving you to find such an innovative solution!

There are many more fun times we had, but they remain in my memories to be brought to mind frequently, especially when I look at old photos. I love you all dearly.

Jim Jeff and Paul Tromba-004 Jim Jeff and Paul Tromba-003 P1160256_edited-003



17 thoughts on “Ahhh the Memories !

  1. We decided to surprise my parents with photos for Christmas one year so naturally my sister thought the week before was a great week to get a perm. Not satisfied with the results, she got a second one the day before the shoot!! On days when I miss my older brother so much, I look at that photo and the memories make up for the sadness instantly!!


    • There is definitely an impact when looking at old photos.. Like you said they invoke memories … Now days when so many photos are on the computer, it’s just not quite the same as looking at an album… Diane


  2. awww this is so sweet, your children are going to love reading this. It gave me a chuckle but also your love for them is so wonderfully apparent in your words. ❤


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