What’s In a Name?

This second day’s assignment of Blogging 101 is to edit our title and tagline of our blog. Of course this is optional as to whether we want to do it or not, or just explain why we chose what we did.

I decided to leave my title of Hometogo232 as it is, but I did change my tagline.

The reason I chose the title I did, was because ‘home’ has always meant a great deal to me. It wasn’t a physical tie that I had to any particular house or home; but instead a place where I felt the warmth of love and security. The security wasn’t the place itself either, but the people within.

My mother always made me feel that she would take care of me, no matter what. There were difficult times, financially and otherwise, and as a child I wondered what my Mom would do, to make it all okay. As a child I had severe asthma, and hay fever and even Scarlet fever once and I was very ill. Back in those days, there were not the rescue inhalers and other medications that we now have; so most times when it got bad she would take me into the bathroom, turn on the hot water fully, and steam the bathroom as much as she could until I was breathing easier. Then it was quite normal for her to sit in a chair and hold me in her lap because I couldn’t lay down, and there we would sleep for the night.

We tried and believe that we succeeded in making our home, a haven of love and security for our children, as they grew up.

I would suppose… no, I know….. that next to God my home and family have been the most important factor of my life.

p.s. the 232 is only because there was already a blog called hometogo, and so I used the street number of our home at that time, and tagged it onto the end.



12 thoughts on “What’s In a Name?

  1. I always wonder how people come up with their blog names… I really like your blog name and knowing what it means to you. I also love how it got the 232 part how creative and just so wonderfully unique!. Your tag line is great too! It also is so fitting for your blog and what you write about. I named my blog what I did because when I signed up it said put in the name pf your blog ‘you can change it later’ everything I tried was taken so finally I just typed in ‘a story by me’ and it took it LOL! I was a new christian at that time and I only blogged because I felt led by the Holy spirit to blog plus I was going blind in one of my eyes yet learning so much about God and becoming closer to him as I went through all that so that is where the tag line came in .. as I’m learning to see. I wish everyone would write a post as to why they chose the blog name they chose, I find it fascinating to know these sorts of things.


  2. Ah yes, the steamy bathroom. Brings back memories of bouts with bronchitis as a child. Home is still my go to place for peace and comfort. (As if you didn’t already know that!) 😀
    Great post!

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