What Have I Accomplished?

I decided for the first time to join Blogging 101, or really any challenge that is available to do on WordPress. The first assignment is to tell something about myself, and why I blog. I’m hoping I am able to do justice to the challenge for the next three weeks.

To start with I’ll mention I just turned 70; have been blogging since 2011 and when I decided to do it I didn’t even know what it really was.  I had only heard vaguely, something about being able to write, and perhaps meet people in other countries that may have similar interests.

One of the things I thought I would write about, is my early upbringing and some of the difficulties; also my life during the raising of our children; and a very definite decision to write about depression which I lived with intermittently throughout most of my adult life. I thought that perhaps by sharing this, I might somehow help someone else going through the same thing, and that I might encourage them to know it is possible to climb out of what I called ‘the darkness’, and into the light. I’ve been free this form of mental illness for several years now, and my thought was to help if I could someone else.

My faith is part of my journey through blogging too, as God is an intricate part of who I am and what I believe.

So, what have I accomplished? I have met hundreds (not a few as I imagined), formed friendships that are very special to me; have been able to come alongside of some who indeed were experiencing depression or difficulty in life to let them know they were not alone; have received so much encouragement and support from others myself, when I have had to face some of life’s challenges.

The other thing I’ve learned is… ‘a lot more about blogging than when I first started’, technical and just the overall process! When possible I try to ‘pay it forward’ and help new bloggers, as some definitely helped me out many times.

And I learned that this is a long enough post!  ……… Diane

17 thoughts on “What Have I Accomplished?

  1. good job on this assignment and I enjoyed learning more about you. Also because I am catching up I have read your posts out of order… I may have to try this blogging 101 someday!.


  2. I’m so glad you started blogging too and that we found each other’s blogs, and you’ve stuck with me on this difficult road! Thank you, my friend.


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