A Nice Surprise

6 of our grandchildren

6 of our grandchildren

IMG_1956 IMG_1961-002Sunday was my 70th birthday. It was a special day for me. I believed that my husband ‘W’ and I were going out with one of our sons ‘JA’and his wife, for dinner at a steakhouse on Saturday evening. My other son, ‘JW’, only 2 days earlier had to have some dental work that was very painful, and so I didn’t think we’d be seeing him and his wife until maybe Sunday or even Monday.

When we got to our son’s place to meet there before going to dinner, all seemed uneventful and we left for the restaurant. When we got there, our other son was there  and our daughter; as well as 7 of our 9 grandchildren and some other family members and a couple of girlfriends of our grandsons. Our daughter ‘K’ drove with her two sons from the Chicago area… her husband unable to because he was in China on business.

It was a total surprise… I had no idea. One of the reasons it didn’t cross my mind is that for my 65th birthday, which might have instigated a party, some of the family had some issues and so a family get-together was not possible. The situation while it had improved a great deal, I did not think it to be resolved; thereby not even thinking of a party. Some of you that have followed me for awhile might remember.

One of my sons, (the one that had dental issues)  is in audio/visual work and he had created a DVD with photos and old 8 mm videos taken many years ago when ‘W’ and I were dating, were married and then many with the children and other family members and friends. He had played background music of our era and also did some talking from time to time with some thoughts that he had. It was a half hour in length but it brought back memories and laughter for all present. Our grandchildren had never seen pictures etc. of their parents and grandparents at much earlier ages, and so really enjoyed it.

Tears (happy ones) flowed from me and from others as well. The tears were not only because of the DVD, but even more importantly for me, our family was together again in unity and spirit and laughter; and we had a family photo taken which we have not had, for a long time… Unfortunately 3 grandchildren and our great-granddaughter were not in them, but I’m hoping for one with everyone included, in the not too distant future.

I’m sorry this was a bit long, but I wanted to share some of my joy with you… my blogging friends.

I have been praying for this for such a long time it seems, and Saturday for my 70th birthday, God answered my prayers.

note.. I almost forgot; I received a brand new IPAD… something new to challenge my little gray cells!!!

41 thoughts on “A Nice Surprise

  1. So sorry I am late to say Happy Birthday! What a wonderful surprise, I so enjoyed reading this its always so fun to share in other people’s joy even if it is by reading about it. I am so glad you had many blessings on your special day. Enjoy your new iPad too!

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  2. Oh, missed your birthday! So, I wish you happy 70th year and many after this one! Great surprise and you have a large family and you’re lucky to have it not across the ocean, but in this continent, LOL. So happy about you!


  3. What a wonderful Birthday Diane and what a special family you have but that is because you are special.

    I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to wish you a Happy Birthday sooner but I had no Internet, what I’m using now is only temporary and very limited, I didn’t receive Posts or comments replies of those I follow including yours because I have to join up with everyone again which I will do next week with my new e-mail address, this one is only temporary but in case you do another Post I will use it.

    Many Blessings now and for the coming year, may the warmth and joy of your Birthday remain.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

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    • Thank you Shelley…. It was the best gift ever … the family together… ( the IPad was really nice, but I’m having trouble with some aspects of using it. I’ll need to go to a store that gives some support … Their online support is really not helping me…. Diane


        • Well, the biggest issue was/is still a little… transferring all my address email book from computer to Ipad. I finally called Apple and they got my contacts but two groups I have isn’t there… Si I guess I’ll have to try to do them myself on Ipad????? Diane


          • Yea I would not know that question. Is your computer an Apple I know my friend Christy who is a beautician will not carry a iphone because it is not compatible with her computer and will not synch anything to an iphone.


  4. Belated Happy Birthday! That’s a great surprise – and you deserve it!
    Wishing you health, happiness and much love xx


    • Thanks very much ‘A’ . You know that you’re in my thoughts and prayers always, and though there don’t seem to be answers … God always does and He sees and know things that we can only imagine. My heart aches, that you are not yet free from all that hurts! Love Diane xxxx

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  5. June the 30th must be a great day, my daughter had her birthday then as well. I am glad your prayers were answered, I was a little disappointed I could not get into Adelaide for her birthday driving was a little out of the question. What a wonderful day you must of had especially as it is summer over there.

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