A Tale of ‘T’ears

Until today I thought I was past the point of being made to feel paranoid… but during a visit to a specialist, an Ear Nose Throat doctor there it was once again.

Briefly the purpose of my long awaited appointment to see if anything could be done for the Tinnitus I have in my left ear, and after having a auditory test, I spoke to him and explained how my life for the past two years has really been affected by the constant ringing, hissing noise.

He looked at the test results, and afterward explained that the hearing in my left ear was very diminished, but that he didn’t really have anything that ‘he’ could do.

Because of the stress of everything the past two years, medically speaking and this continuous agitating sound in my ear, hearing him say there was nothing he could do,  I had a few tears in my eyes.

He then explained why the noises were happening, which I won’t try and explain, and said there was only two things he could suggest might help. The first one was that there was sometimes help by getting a hearing aid, with the possibility of having a ‘sound’ emitted from it which would mask the ringing etc. Unfortunately when questioned as to whether he could write a prescription for it, he said no; that I would have to deal with the company selling hearing aids; and that it was not covered under our healthcare.

It was disappointing, as being seniors we don’t have a lot of extra money on hand, but I said that I had to do something… anything, so that was what I’d do.

He then said the second thing he could suggest was CBT… Cognitive Behavioural Therapy… I couldn’t believe what he was saying. I guess I over-reacted, but I said that actually I had CBT previously in my life, because of depression, but that I had been free from it for many years. I told him that unless he or anyone had Tinnitus; a constant sound and I used an example of a bee inside your ear for many years intermittent, but for the past ‘two’ years ‘constant’; they could not understand; but that I knew what was NOT depression, and that I was only very stressed about this condition. I guess from my reaction he was taken aback, but he said he’d see me in a year and that maybe by that time there would be something new in the way of treatment.

After leaving his office I felt somewhat angry, but also realized that I had indeed over-reacted. He was a very nice doctor, but why was his assumption that if I had some tears in my eyes, that I needed CBT and that I was depressed. What a quick diagnosis he made within the five minutes I was in his office. It was I suppose just a trigger that made me feel like I had to convince him somehow, because I fought long and hard to be free from ‘the darkness’ I called depression.

In any case, the anger subsided and I made my way to the Hearing Aid company, and lo and behold there is a partial grant that we can get, and another portion  from my husband’s pension healthcare plan, so it’s not as bleak as the doctor indicated.

While there is no guarantee that it will work there is a trial period and I am hopeful. 

(I decided to include the latest painting, just to ‘brighten’ this post a little!!!  (Diane)

Dahlia in Bloom

Dahlia in Bloom


24 thoughts on “A Tale of ‘T’ears

  1. Good to hear there is something they can try Diane, I will pray for permanent relief for you.

    Sickness is part of life that God either cures or gives us the strength to endure, I have experienced both more than once. He also has given man knowledge and tools to help us and to heal us and natural remedies in His creation too.

    Christian Love Always – Anne.


  2. So sorry to learn of this. I agree with Gibber – meds can cause it. Hope that’s not the case. Have you seen an audiologist? Hearing aids might help – I hope they do. Keep us updated. xo


  3. Typical Canadian specialist. I feel sorry you had to leave the doctor’s office without knowing and finding out what is causing your tinnitus. There are very many causes and tinnitus is not a disease, but a symptom. You didn’t mention what tests you had done, but I hope that included not only hearing tests, but also examination of your jaws and throat, etc. Medications, stress and anxiety can cause this disorder. It can accompany other disorders. Too bad you do not know the cause because that is crucial for treatment. There are not only hearing aids which can help, but also specific devices, other than hearing aids. If that is possible you should try some other specialist. You could get at least the second opinion.


    • Hi, thanks so much for caring… I had an MRI done (actually prior to this appointment on my ear) and a hearing test. I have researched Tinnitus a lot, and I know what you say is true. For the past year or so, I have had the only relief from downloaded sounds from a firm in UK which masks the sound in my ear…. so that’s why I’m going to try the hearing aid which is to do the same thing. I’m thinking it may work for me. If in the trial period it doesn’t I will most surely look for another ENT that will check into things further….

      The ENT I saw was certainly not very compassionate as to looking into various options, as I asked him if there was anything else he could do… even surgery, as I had read even that could be done… though it wouldn’t be done, as a first option.. He must not be very interested in ‘only’ a condition which to him is likely not very important.

      I’ll be doing a follow-up post when I find out whether or not the hearing aid works for me… Thanks again for your insight… Diane


  4. Hey Diane, I understand your frustration. I’ve suffered from tinnitus for 10 years or more. I’ve tried several of the home remedies but nothing has worked. I think mine has to do with extensive damage from drums and loud music. Anyway, I’ll be praying for your relief. Let me know if something works; I might want to give it a try.


  5. I was just wondering if the suggested CBT to help train your mind to tune the tinnitus out not implying that you needed it for mental health.

    Certain medications can cause tinnitus too. Is it a side effect of any you’re on? Glad to hear you’re able to pursue a hearing aid that might help. 🙂


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