Just a Thought on Prayer

Much has been written on prayer, but this is not really going to delve into anything deep or laden with spiritual knowledge.

It’s just a thought that came to me the other night. I was very tired but also wanted to ‘do’ my prayers. I was kind of negotiating with God without really realizing it; at least not right away.

It kind of went something like this… “Lord, you know I’m tired, and I know that I should pray tonight before I go to bed; but Lord with the number of people and issues I want to pray about, it’s going to take some time, and I don’t know how much energy I really have left, after the busy day I’ve had. So, you really know what and who I’m going to pray for anyway, so if I don’t lead into my prayers with thanksgiving and praise like I usually do, or say everyone’s name etc. you’ll understand.”

It was in that moment I got this comparison of what I had just said, as though I wanted to make a quick wish like when we have our birthday cake in front of us, and blow out the candles and that would be it.

I wanted to make my prayers ‘quick’ …. make my ‘wish” petitions, and go to bed!

Now I know sometimes we are tired or ill or depressed, and have many issues and burdens; and all we can utter is a heart-felt “Help me Lord”, and He understands our need at that time.

What I realized though, was that I was doing this too often; waiting until I was too tired to pray, and then thinking that God would understand if I took a short-cut and not being in the right prayerful state of mind, when I offered my petitions to Him. It was just one of those moments of insight for me.

In any case it has made me more aware that I need to rearrange my schedule, in order to make God’s time more of a priority!

19 thoughts on “Just a Thought on Prayer

  1. There are also other ways for us to pray and be with God, through music, the books we read, devotionals and those arrow prayers throughout the day. It is important for the one on one time with God but the important thing is that you are spending time with Him and focused on our Lord through out your day. You are such a blessing and have such a pure heart!


    • Such another good point, because I do send thoughts and prayers throughout the day.. when someone or something comes to my mind… The scripture that says to ‘pray without ceasing’ is I think covered by those short but meaningful prayers…. Thanks for the reminder.. Diane xx

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  2. You know Diane, I have also been taking those short cuts and now have set a time before going to bed for my quiet/prayer time. Mornings are spent in quiet too but a different quiet to spend with God to start my day…anyway…I am always reminded of the saying of falling asleep in Gods arms when we fall asleep as we pray. So either way is good wouldn’t you agree? Falling asleep in Gods arms is perfect for a good nights rest!! 🙂


  3. Thank you for the reminder/nudge! I must admit my prayers have been much like yours! A few years ago I was in a study group and told them that I often fall asleep before I can finish my prayer! A member smiled and told me not to be concerned..what better way to fall asleep than with your head resting on the Father’s lap. Hugs..Deb


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