Just a Whim – Poem


My sister and I in Myrtle Beach

My sister and I in Myrtle Beach

As I sit here in my chair

My thoughts pass from here to there

In a matter of a minute or so

Where I wonder did my mind go

Was it thinking of the day ahead

Or was I thinking of what someone said

Perhaps it strolled along the way

To events that happened just today

Maybe our days spent on the beach

Is where my mind is trying to reach

But spring is here and much to do

To make the garden look anew

Let me see,  what shall come first

Maybe I’ll just check my purse

I think I know what I shall do

Grab my keys and jacket too

The paper said there was a sale

And in this effort, I must not fail

It’s something that I have to get

But I won’t go deep in debt

I’m off to buy a special book

I want to have more than a look

I’m sure that it is meant for me

It’s for a ‘writerwannabe’


footnote: Some day I’ll write a really soul-filled poem… but not today !  ha!   Diane








18 thoughts on “Just a Whim – Poem

    • Thanks Lisa… We’re doing okay…and I’m sure it’ll be more than ‘okay’ once we get all these appointments done… (soon) Hope things are not too bad right now for you either… Diane xxx


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