I Think It’s Fixed

I’m ‘cautiously optimistic’ as that saying goes, that the technical problem with commenting and ‘liking’ on my posts, has somehow cleared up. If a person commented through the ‘Reader’ it seemed to work, but those who don’t use the Reader, and tried just on my site, were the ones who had the difficulty.

I haven’t heard from WordPress so I’m not sure how it’s cleared, but then I don’t know what caused it in the first place either.

If anyone does have further problems, please let me know.

Otherwise, I guess I’ll chalk it up to another one of those mysterious things in ‘blogosphere”.

By the way, my husband and my sister and her husband, reached Myrtle Beach last night (Sunday) around 6 pm. The ocean is so beautiful, and the weather is sunny and warm, and it is just so nice to have time together. I also had my procedure (gastroscopy) last Thursday before we left. The doctor that did it, was really good and took time to talk to me. Thanks for the prayer said on my behalf, over the past several months.


11 thoughts on “I Think It’s Fixed

  1. It’s Fixed for me too Diane, you must be relieved, seems strange though WordPress didn’t respond but at least it’s fixed.

    Wow can I come, I would love to meet your Family, on second thoughts bring them to Aussie Land and you can all share the Guest-bedroom, I will put the jug on!

    Hopeful Annie


    • WordPress responded after I told them it was fixed… I would love to come to Australia… but I don’t think it would ever be possible… Our daughter went there once for a holiday and she loved it of course…especially the Koala….. Diane


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