I was advised by a fellow blogger that she could not leave a comment because it was ‘blocked’. She nor I know why this has happened.

Also when I checked my email notifications I have not received anything all day re likes, comments or posts by others I follow or who follow me.

I have gone to WordPress and asked them to check and see what’s happened, but in the meantime thought I’d let you know. Perhaps it will clear itself…. but I wouldn’t count on  it. I’ll let you know if it does.

As some of you know, I am travelling right now so didn’t know about this until tonight when I went to check. I will also be travelling for several hours tomorrow, and hopefully it will be cleared up when I look online later tomorrow. 


This morning 26/4 at 8am (blog was written around 12 am last night.  I have received some ‘likes and notifications this morning but no comments yet…. If someone could leave a comment I would know whether or not I get it in my email… Thanks  Diane

25 thoughts on “PROBLEM ON MY BLOG

  1. It seems, everything is working fine. Sometimes flaws happen, and WP resolves them as soon as they are notified. Your own settings or even internet can give hard times, too. Anyway, it’s working, no problem.

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  2. I’ve had an ongoing problem when I change blogs, I can’t post comments from my computer but can from my phone. No matter how many times I go and resign in under this blog, it keeps saying that I can’t comment because I am signed in under someone else. Ahhh. Drives me crazy and no one at wordpress has answered me😒 so at least you got notified! 😊


  3. That’s a big fat bummer. Sorry for the trouble. Always so frustrating cuz it seems as if technical support isn’t always the quickest here.
    Not liking because of the issue! Just to let you know I read.
    The like went through, let’s see if the post does.👍


    • HI Thank you… I got a notification. There is still an issue that the only way I could respond to you was to ‘like’ from the email notification and then make a comment then from the not… icon that lights up but not from my comment section below post… and not from icon unless I liked from the email (clear as mud right) Weird things going on… thanks for the test though… Diane


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