Michelle’s Weekly Pet Share



Our cat Daisy continues to amuse us with her antics each day. She brings a lot of smiles to our faces. You’ll have to pardon the quality of these shots, as I just took them when the opportunity happened.



24 thoughts on “Michelle’s Weekly Pet Share

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    • Before Daisy, we’ve had 3 other..just prior to Daisy we had one for 12 years and I thought I’d not get another… but I truly missed ‘like you said the bonding’ and so we went to an adoption weekend about a year and a half ago….and got Daisy… She is so sensitive …If I happen to have tears she’s up on my lap with a little ‘meow’ (Does that make you closer?) Diane

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      • It sure does! We always adopt our pets as well. I figure if every household could adopt a cat and a dog, it would help with the pet population issue so much! We do have a dog who is known as my furry daughter, but I want another cat as well. We’ll see!

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