Today, I just thought I’d put some of the paintings I’ve done over the past year. It was April 2, 2014 when I did my first masterpiece disaster really! I’m going to put a few of the first ones I did, and then some of the ones that show improvement. No way am I saying that I have conquered the art form. But it was fun to see, that slowly I’m learning. Of course, it all is for my enjoyment and so anything I learn along the way is good.

I’ve thrown a few in the garbage, as sometimes I just don’t get it right at all. Inese at Inese Poga Art Gallery, has encouraged me, to do it just because of enjoyment, and it doesn’t hurt using those little gray cells either. Maybe by next year, it will be that much better again. Thanks for indulging me!    Diane

My first 'scene'

My first ‘scene’

First 'cross'

First ‘cross’

This was just weird

This was just weird

Second one I think

Second one I think

Very first attempt.. didn't know what I was doing at all

Very first attempt.. didn’t know what I was doing at all



22 thoughts on “BEFORE, AND A YEAR LATER

  1. Diane these are terrific! Hobbies are great to help us relieve the stress in our lives. I can tell you enjoy painting. God gave you a beautiful talent and He is blessing you because you are sharing it with us!

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        • I do watch you tube videos and so far have only purchased acrylic paints and other supplies at the dollar store. I’m going to gradually buy some better quality paints just a tube at a time… and my blogging friend says actually I could start with 4 colors and mix all others from them. I hope to maybe take a few classes maybe this summer or fall just for some hands on instruction…. but it’s fun experimenting anyway, in the meantime…. hope you give it a try… Diane

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  2. They’re great Diane. I love that first attempted flower! There’s so much too it. Also for some strange reason, I recognize the Blogger’s doggy!! I love it!


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