“Good Friday” – Poem

Tomorrow is called ‘Good’ Friday
The day our Saviour died
So why do we call ‘good’ this day
This, we must decide
That day 2000 years ago
He could have been set free
Instead the crowd, yelled “crucify’
So Pilate had to agree
Jesus that day, put on the cross
Though sin He never knew
Instead He gave His life
For others…me and you
All we must do is believe that fact
And turn to Him each day
Our sins forgiven, once we ask
That’s why it’s called ‘GOOD FRIDAY’

By Diane


15 thoughts on ““Good Friday” – Poem

  1. It’s a good question, really, I was always wondering how it could be Good Friday. For instance, it’s called The Big Friday in Latvian, I Easter or Pascha 2 weeks later, but I love how they hug each other, even strangers on the street, at church or wherever, and say “Truly, He is Risen,” “Indeed, He is Risen,” or “He is Risen Indeed”. That is an amazing tradition. Latvians are mostly Lutherans, so we are not that passionate. Blessings and great Easter!

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    • When I was a younger Christian I thought… our Saviour died ..why on earth do they call it Good Friday… but then of course I learned …if He hadn’t died we would have to live in our sin and never be able to be perfect and go to live with God…. Thanks for the insight in other countries… Diane


    • Thanks for commenting Julie… When I was thinking of writing something a poem came to me… and the words just flowed without hesitation… in about 5 minutes… Usually it takes much longer for me to do a poem of any kind… Diane


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