Outlook is Everything

The past couple of years has been kind of stressful, with personal issues and health concerns. Lately, my husband and I will frequently say something with regard to getting older.

Now I know that someone in their 80’s or 90’s would say that we are not old at all, but I think outlook is everything, and so lately we seem to be feeling that we are old’er’.

In a few months I will be seven decades old. I know someone who has just turned 90 and she is such a vital and active woman, who does quilting, baking, cooking, crocheting etc. I think sometimes that compared to this lovely lady, I feel like the older one. I guess there is some part of me, who is envious of her abilities… “the green-eyed monster”.

It is of course not good to compare oneself, and I know that!………………. It just happens!

I always had hoped to grow old with grace, and not complaining about the hardships of life. Let’s face it, we all have challenges and hardships as we age. They are just different at different stages of life. The early years when we wonder what lies ahead for us; the middle years when we work and strive to make a living and if we have children there are various types of concerns with them; and then when we are able, we retire and are glad that we’re out of the busyness of life.

One’s health I think is a big factor, in how we enjoy our retirement years. It is not that there aren’t good things about aging, because there are. There aren’t the same timetables to keep and life is a lot slower. We don’t have to be accountable for what we do, or what we decide we don’t want to do. I think though, when facing issues with our health, it just tends to wear us down sometimes. We look at the calendar each week to see who has an appointment, or how many appointments we have. Life seems to revolve around this right now.

We do always keep in mind, there are many who face issues with their health a lot more serious than we have. That however, does not alter what we’re going through but therein is the ‘outlook is everything’, and keeping a perspective.

So today I’m feeling kind of ‘old’, and I seem to notice the younger generation a lot, and am a bit wistful. I am thankful for the years when age or disability was not a factor, and we were able to enjoy the activities that we did.

I am also thankful, for having a blog, where I can just say what I’m feeling…….


22 thoughts on “Outlook is Everything

  1. I feel great as I get older. Emotionally. I am happy about knowledge and experience. I have the same size and weight that I had when I was 20. Can wear all the same clothes (but I don’t because I can sew and so I make new all the time). Well, I left my health in that accident and I probably had to experience it because I was always so much talking about that I never get sick. That was 23 years ago. I can see how also your health issues are slowing you down. You are also always busy and always involved with everything.
    I’m not working less or doing less than when I was 30. I know, people who are 90 would call me and you young. My mom is 84. She does everything, also some sewing, not to mention gardening and cooking. I hope I could be as good as she is at that age. Health is what we cannot get back even though, we can try repairing some part of it. We have to deal with what we have. It is tough and sometimes unbearably difficult.


    • Health does matter … and I’ve learned to adapt for the most part, as I had to when I was diagnosed with M.S….. Also having suffered from depression.. and was so happy when I finally felt the depression was gone. I guess it’s just the past couple of years has been tough, but I have hope and know that things will settle once again…. Thanks for your empathy …Diane


  2. I so appreciate how you put it Diana I look at my mom over the years. .and it’s been hard and getting harder she’s now continuesly awaiting appointments and a very big operation to …life has just sucked her in pain aND a feeling older that her late 60s. ..feels awful to watch simple stuff become chores now and little enjoyment. .but she trusts to amazingly that she will enjoy life once more.

    Take care of you guys ..thinking of you to!


  3. I can relate to this very much. In fact I dwell quite a lot about aging on my blog, but this is the first time I’ve seen you mention it. Sorry it’s hitting you hard lately. I totally get the looking at the calendar trying to schedule the numerous appointments, trying to pay for the multitude of prescriptions.

    There are times I hate the young people I see. Those newly in love, their excitement about what’s to come. I think it’s hard not to be jealous of their vigor and health. I don’t like feeling this way either, but it is true, I do feel jealous of kids. Sometimes I want to grab one of them and tell them to really enjoy their lives, tell them not to set limits on themselves, tell them that the most important thing in life is to be kind. Other times I just want to slap one of them for doing/saying something stupid. So far I have resisted the urge.

    Hope things improve and your outlook is again balanced. I think keeping a positive outlook is especially difficult for those suffering with major depression.


  4. Outlook is indeed important. I have dear friends that are 86 and 85 and up till 2 yrs ago where both of them worked in our office when he finally decided to “retire”! I told his wife I envy her attitude until she jokingly told me she leaves the office and goes home to take a nap!! 🙂 Made me feel better. Seriously though I tell people my mind tells me I am 25 while my body tells me I am 85 – in reality I am 53. On the days I feel 25 I take advantage it and the days I feel 85 I nap and enjoy some down time and when I feel my age of 53 – I thank God for His many blessings. Aging is indeed an adventure – hang on tight and enjoy it – naps and all. 🙂


  5. I love being my age Diane, unlike my younger years I have life wisdom and also God’s wisdom because I asked for it, I know where I’m going and where I have been and don’t want to go back there.

    Is life always great with no problems, No it’s the opposite at times but when a younger person needs help I have the answers because I have asked the same questions along the way.

    Most Children call me Grannie Annie and some Adults too, I love it, even though no one asks to see my Seniors card anymore, yes they must Trust me Lol

    As they say your as young as you feel and today that would be about 108 so yes Diane we all have those days and so do the younger generation but cheer up the Statistics show Birthdays are good for us…..yes the more we have the longer we live….awesome to say the least!

    Christian Love Always -Anne.


    • Yes, there are benefits to aging… It’s just that lately …actually for quite awhile there have been health issues… and prior to Feb. I had spent close to two years re two separate issues sleeping in my recliner and so not getting good sleep and that can make one feel less than ‘perky’…. and now ongoing issues seem to be dragging on… there is always ‘hope’ though.. Diane


  6. My mom and I were talking about you the other day, good of course! I was telling my parents how you have helped me out with my blog. We were wondering how old you were,Now we know!


  7. It’s just not fair! When we are young and invincible we take it for granted. Too busy to really enjoy life. Our days are focused on earning a living, raising our families, etc. and we just don’t “get it”. Then we finally “get it” and we’re too tired or ill to truly enjoy it (whatever the heck IT is). It’s kind of funny when the laugh of the day is the fact that nobody has a dr appointment. Take care, my friend! My prayers are with you that you feel better soon! xx


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