A Day Late – But Better Late than Never

This is a short post and I should have done it yesterday, but better late than never.

Yesterday, March 2nd a blog site Stigmama created by Dr. Walker Karraa celebrated it’s first birthday. This is a blog for and about mothers who have been affected by mental illness. Dr. Karraa offers a place where others can contribute their stories, about how it has affected their lives. It has been voted as one of the best Health Blogs.

I have been pleased to have been a contributor on a couple of occasions, and have read many women’s accounts of how they have dealt with the stigma of mental illness.

Bringing this very real and prominent topic to the forefront, I believe will help many who suffer from this debilitating disease. Those who are affected by it, often feel very isolated and that there is no hope. But if you read the various bloggers who write, so much is to be learned from them all. most especially that there is hope. There is even more importantly, support.

So if you would like to read and learn please visit this site, and if you would like to contribute and share your story there is a contact tab to learn how you may do so…….   Diane


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