Winter Slump!

Recent painting

Recent painting

I may as well admit it; I’m in a ‘winter slump’. I’m not depressed, just longing for the warmth and sunshine of the spring and summer.

There seems to be a lack of concentration, and the only thing I seem to be able to find to blog about tonight is the fact that I don’t have any ideas…   “What did I just say?”

I’ve read through some of my past blogs to remind myself that I actually did have an idea or two at one time. Reading through others’ blogs has also been slowed down, again basically because of the concentration factor. I find myself having to re-read so much of what I just read… “What did I just say?”

We’re planning on getting away with my sister and her husband, but not until the end of April, which seems like such a long time away.

I know that I’m not alone with how I’m feeling as there are so many who have had enough of winter. Somehow it doesn’t help to know that though, as most would agree.

There are those who have much more to worry about than the fact they are in a slump. I certainly realize that! I’m the prayer co-ordinator of our church and we’re a very small congregation, and yet there are 30 requests for those who attend or those who have family or friends who have a special need; 10 with cancer alone. There are blogging friends, who have serious concerns and for whom I pray.

So while I’m kind of at loose ends, and not too ‘with it’ at the moment I realize that in the scheme of things, I don’t really have anything to complain about. “This too shall pass.”

Take care my friends…..  Diane

28 thoughts on “Winter Slump!

  1. Oh Diane… my Fibro body thinks anything under 65 degrees is winter. 😦 So I’m defintely tired of winter.
    Hey on another note… you are going to need a gallery wall for all your beautiful paintings. 🙂


    • Hi Heather… I can only imagine what you go through daily with the fibromyalgia… We have so little space ..even wall space where we live.. We kind of just joke about the fact I’ll be just filing them away.. I have a few up of some birds and our doggie and kitty… but the rest alas will end up in a box…where I will take them out occasionally and look at… But it’s fun doing them anyway… take care.. Diane

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  2. When I get in a slump, I find a good dose of Gingko Baloba helps tremendously. I don’t know why. It may be only psychological, but still when i take it I feel much better the next day. I don’t blame you for feeling blue. You need to move to sunny California. We went to the beach today. It was windy but warm and beautiful.


    • Thank you Linda… for the suggestion. I would love to be able to move somewhere warm, but unfortunately at our age and with medical concerns (and coverage) it makes it unfeasible … I have a lot of relatives in California though.. as one of my brothers (now deceased) had to move south many years ago for his wife’s health He had 8 children so they live in various areas.. his wife now 90 lives in Burbank…. Ahhhh if only … Diane


  3. Having a time of reflection is good too Diane and helps us stay focused but I understand when there is a lot to do and we don’t feel like doing it, than it can be a worry.

    I’m behind in my Blogging and have missed commenting on some good Post messages but tomorrow is another day , yes one day at a time, tomorrow you may have the inspiration Diane you need but thank you anyway for sharing, I realize now I’m not the only one that sometimes sees a space and can’t fill it.

    Christian Love Always in Christ Jesus – Anne


  4. You have great perspective from your faith Diane – don’t forget we are all here for you in the sphere as well – blogging is a really healthy outlet for dealing with the winter blues, so keep writing to us 🙂


  5. I think we are suffering from the same malady – winter blues. Hang in there, Spring will come one sooner (or later – I hope not!)

    I’ll think about your friends at prayertime. 🙂


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