What Should We Do?

A fellow blogger that I converse with through Facebook, put a comment on today of a topic that I have been contemplating strongly writing a post about. Her comment has sparked me to do it.

It is a topic so controversial and one that no one really wants to think about but I can’t help thinking about. That is what is going on in the middle east right now.

The radical group is terrorizing and killing with abandon and has no respect for human life. I’m not going to get into their beliefs and reasons they think they have for doing this. This is not a political post about issues. It is a ‘human interest’ post about ‘human beings’.

We live in freedom where we do not have to live in terror every day for ourselves or our children. I honestly have tried to imagine how on earth the dear people that are being threatened and even killed every day, manage to survive, in body or mind or spirit.

I do not like war,  and I do not like even the thought of our beloved sons and daughters going off to war. I am also a Christian and I value life immensely; but how long do we let this group kill at will and terrorize people before we do something other than ‘negotiating’ or doing some air strikes?

I can’t help but think of the atrocities of World War 2 and the holocaust, and what occurred before all the free nations of the world took a stand. My brother served in WW 2, and so I know that no one wants to think of our loved ones going off to war.

I’ve stated what is on my mind because each day seeing what is going on, has saddened me so. It is my opinion only. I just find it so difficult to understand that life seems to have so little value in some areas of the world.

18 thoughts on “What Should We Do?

  1. I am most scared for the people in the path of the extremists. May God give them strength and courage amidst the persecution and senseless violence. I do not want war either but for the sake of the innocent people, I pray for the cessation of this madness.


  2. I understand where you are coming from. I just don’t understand the level of hatred one group can have for another. Why can’t I live my peaceful life over here, worship as I want, if I want, as long as I don’t hurt others? The saddest part of all is innocent people are hurt and killed. The governments continue. The radicals continue being radical. Hatred breeds hate. I have become more optimistic the past year, but I am still pessimistic when it comes to humans, hate, and war. Until we as individuals accept all other individuals in spite of differences of race, nationality, religion, political beliefs, it will always be so.


    • What troubles me so, is that I am comfortable, I am free to do what I want…. I don’t fear daily for myself or my children… and that’s what is so hard for me to digest .. that we fight for the life and well-being of 1 child in harm’s way and yet children over in the troubled areas of the world are killed at random every day.. I would suppose I don’t have all the answers except I feel we have to try to find some…. p.s. hope you are doing well Linda .. Diane

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  3. Hi Diane!

    This is a very troubling situation. There is no way to understand them since they are pure radical terrorists and anything can trigger them. Unfortunately there are supporters and there is money in the terrorist group. I wish I would know an answer how to stop them. They are dangerous and they need to be stopped somehow. I know that the other Arab countries are trying really hard to find a solution.

    A note to WW2! It is very sad to imagine that Germany would NOT be a free and democratic country now. God thanks the Nazis time is over 🙂


  4. Yes Diane it is True what you shared, for some life has very little value, the number of Abortions today is heartbreaking, Teenage Suicide has tripled, the highest Suicide rate in the world is the woman of Nepal, they are brought or abducted as Children, used in Brothels and when older left to die on the street, sometimes pregnant, yes life has little value to some.

    But this is not new, the Pagan Nations use to sacrifice their babies to their God’s by burning them alive, they did other abominable things to their Children and their animals, just to name a few atrocities, it broke God’s heart to see his little ones suffer, He sent His people to kill them, yes He prompted war, the Children who were left and not of an age of understanding, went to be with Him, but the Adults were evil and would become more evil, like in the time of Noah and so God mercifully stopped their abominations, as He did then.

    Jesus told us that in the end times it will be the same as in Noah’s time and we can see it happening now. For God to end all evil would be merciful but He is patient giving time for His Children to come to repentance, He knows those who are His and not one of us will be lost..

    Christian Love in Christ Jesus – Anne


    • It is unfathomable to me the atrocities that are done in so many places. We have no idea of what oppressions some live under, except when they become so bad they are a constant fixture on the daily news, and what is going on now..has to be dealt with…. Diane


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