Just Sharing A Few Paintings

Because of popular demand (1 person) I decided just to share a few paintings that I’ve done in the past couple of months. While I’ve painted off and on since last April, as some of you know I’ve not had the energy to do a lot lately, so have just kind of done so when I’ve been motivated. I have a lot to learn, and find that the best teacher right now is trial and error. You get to see them both … ‘trial and error’.  However, a blogger and artist I follow and admire so much, Inese at http://inesepogagallery.com/  has been encouraging,to say that getting satisfaction and enjoyment from the process of just painting whatever one wants, is the main reason for doing so.

At some point I will likely take some lessons, and then say to myself… “oh that’s how it’s done.”

Anyway, here are a few that survived the ‘trash can’…….


2nd attempt at our doggie Koko

2nd attempt at our doggie Koko

our son's dog Crosbie

our son’s dog Crosbie

our son's dog Holly

our son’s dog Holly

our daughter's kitty Kira

our daughter’s kitty Kira

Scene from a photo from a fellow blogger...don't know if she will recognize it

Scene from a photo from a fellow blogger…don’t know if she will recognize it

another fellow blogger's photo...

another fellow blogger’s photo…


My niece's dog

My niece’s dog

Note… apologies to my blogging friends whose photos, I painted as I couldn’t find them again on their sites to link to them….  Diane

25 thoughts on “Just Sharing A Few Paintings

    • Thanks Ellie… I seem to have had a period of wanting to do animals..I’d like to actually take a few lessons, maybe this summer just to pick up some tips re proper texture.. and a few other techniques just to improve some things…. Diane.

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  1. I was just looking at the painting you gave me last night and wondering if you’d be painting again soon. I’m glad you are. I think you’re more talented than you give yourself credit for. These are great.


    • Well…. I’ve seen artists who have been at it for awhile and I know I’m not of the same caliber… but having said that it will be interesting to see if I improve … The second last painting is from a photo you put up of a lovely sunset from your backyard… it’s not exact.. and I’m working on doing sunsets better… but it’s one I attempted… Thanks….Diane

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      • Oh my goodness really? You know the weird thing is I didn’t realize it was from my photo but it was the one I was most drawn too. Holy cow! Don’t compare yourself to others, just enjoy painting!

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  2. They say Diane, Painting like Poetry reflects our heart focus and doggies are one of my favorites too, you did a wonderful job expressing your love for Doggies, like all God’s creation they are awesome as He is but He has a Capital “A”

    I have never felt inspired to paint but I have written Poetry and there was one about Petal my miracle dog, it was sad as she had only died a few days before but I needed to express that she would never be forgotten, she is in my heart always.

    Thanks for sharing your gift Diane – Anne.


    • Thanks Anne.. I also have done poetry off and on for years..often to express my thoughts and feelings. It’s less than a year that I just felt the desire to paint ‘on whim’… If you ever feel like sharing your poem about Petal I’d love to read it… if not in your blog…in an email to me. Our pets that we’ve had/have are special always to us. One of the first blogs I ever wrote was about them..(too long, but I wrote it for me basically before I had many followers) . all except for Daisy as she’s a newer member of our family… Diane


      • I’m never sure about leaving links Diane, although I like to share and they do save detail, so thank you for asking, I was touched that you did.

        Petal- https://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2011/10/12/the-miracle-of-little-petal/

        Thank you for the offer to e-mail you Diane, it’s always special to be able to do this and please feel free to do the same, my comment has my Blog address if you edit it but I will send you my private one too when I find yours. I heard something amazing today which I will share with you, I’m still trying to gel it.

        Blessings – Anne


        • Hi Anne, Your poem was so touching. It is a certainty that God place Petal in your home for the time she had remaining… She gave so much but received so much love as well.. and who knows how much she received in her short life…. Each of the pets we have/ had… have meant so much to us…they really were/are family. Oh.. I decided to put my email address on my right side-bar… writerwannabe763@gmail.com I also have another one should there ever be a need for it. …Diane


  3. I think I recognized similarities from my photos. Well, if you got inspiration from my photos, it is an honor to be copied and painted.
    They say that to paint is a therapy and practice makes perfect. Your paintings are adorable:)


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