Daily Prompt – Breaking the Law

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Daily Prompt: Think about the last time you broke a rule (a big one, not just ripping the tags off your pillows). Were you burned, or did things turn out for the best?

When I read this I had to really think about when I ever broke a law: and I did of course. The reason this is so hard for me, is that it was ingrained in me by my mother to always obey the law and to always tell the truth.

I don’t know why exactly but this teaching followed me not only as a child growing up, but as an adult even to this day. It’s not exactly a new concept to teach your child about telling the truth I suppose, but sometimes a ‘law’ is so innocuous that not doing it would seem quite understandable, and in some instances to not be a real issue. For me however, even at my age it wouldn’t be. Some laws are a given that we wouldn’t do; like stealing or taking a life, etc; but there are numerous incidental laws or ‘rules’, we run into every day instigated for convenience.

Take for example a kind of silly rule, like when you are in a grocery store and the express check-out says 8 items or less. You got it…. I won’t use it if I have 9 items.

There was one time I stole a chocolate bar when I was ten years old. It was lunch time and I went to the pharmacy across from the school. It was easy, and I didn’t get caught. I ate it and wondered why it didn’t taste very good; not like it usually did. That day and evening my conscience gave me nothing but trouble, and the next day at lunch time I went, and although I didn’t confess, I put the money on the counter and quickly left the store, and never stole anything again.

I suppose the only obvious ‘law’ I know that I have broken, is speeding.  Try as I may, my foot on the gas pedal often creeps above the posted speed limit. I’m sure there are likely others, hidden somewhere in the recesses of my brain, but for now that’s where they remain, and haven’t come immediately to mind.

Of course, there’s man’s laws and God’s laws. God’s laws are not too complicated… Love God and love others and do unto them as you would want done unto you. It seems so simple, and the first part is for me, but sometimes going through life, there are some people that really test that second part. I’m sure I’m sadly lacking in many ways and times, of things I do that displease or sadden the Lord, but onward I go putting forth my best effort, seeking forgiveness when I know I’ve blown it, but confident that I’ve received it!

So, I guess that I’m a pretty dull person in that there is no shocking or interesting story about a serious law that I’ve broken.

Maybe some time I’ll write a fictitious story about a law that I broke……………..nahhhh , I’d feel guilty even if it was fictitious!






19 thoughts on “Daily Prompt – Breaking the Law

  1. This is me to a “T”! Can’t fight off that “good” angel sitting on my right shoulder, even if the “bad” one on the left sounds so convincing! Sometimes, just once…I wonder what it would be like to be the bad girl..then realize that would be fake. 😊


  2. Nice Post Diane and well written. In this sense I am boring as well 😉
    Parking wrong and speeding are my law breakers. And yesterday at a Jazz and Swing workshop with Pete Churchill I’ve learnt how to break all laws of music to sing Jazz 😉


  3. I can relate on you and I can just tell what I did or you will be shocked. Just thank God for His mercy and grace. My goal is be the woman God wanted me to be:)


  4. It’s great to have such a clean and unburdened mind. You are definitely a very good person. I completely agree it’s very tough to love everybody, I mean, to somehow tolerate can be difficult at times. Basically, I’m very straight and people here don’t take that well, they rather listen to sweet lies. I prefer the European way, though, tell everybody right away what I don’t like, etc and why. Speeding happens most likely to any driver. I cannot drive because of all my conditions, but I can definitely understand you that one gets into this completely unintentionally!


    • Though man’s laws are very distinct …. God’s laws are present in everything we do, and I know I fall short there, but because of God’s grace I have his forgiveness. I actually don’t drive too much either because of some issues related to M.S. mostly ‘reaction’ time…. but when I do drive I’m very aware of this… Diane


  5. Hey hey hey you! Why are you being so hard on yourself for something that actually makes you a well meaning and decent human being!?
    You are a lovely person. Breaking laws doesn’t make someone interesting and not boring! They’ve broken the law and hence they are not some kind of exciting person in a good way!
    God needs more people like you out there!!

    Ps. OK. I stole a chocolate bar too when I was 11 or so. And I never paid back the money eeekkk.



    • Ohhh thanks for saying that… sometimes I used to feel like a ‘goody two-shoes’…Not sure if that saying is familiar to you…but meaning that one is afraid to do something wrong and considers themselves ‘too good’….. Ok…now for you and that unpaid chocolate bar… I guess it’s too far now to go to pay for it… so you’ll need to somehow donate the cost of it some time whenever the opportunity arises…ha!!!! Diane xo


      • Yes. I need to repay for that chocolate bar. And it may have been more than one :/ eek. Doesn’t help that the shop is in a different country and probably isn’t even there any more as I think they were turning it in to a housing estate.

        Nevertheless, giving to charity is something I have been doing more so since coming religious. They say what you give in sincerity comes back at you in a much larger amount or way. So I put in a charity box I have at home the lowest coin denominator here and then give it to a charity or place of my choice. They say also even those in dire need of money should donate themselves. It’s seen as a very important deed to do.

        So I think we’ve made up for it. 😉

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  7. When I was in junior high, I, together with a couple of friends, stole a copy of the next day’s scheduled test. I felt so guilty that I ended up doing worse on the test than if I had just settled in and studied. How we learn. 🙂


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