Finally, surgery next Tuesday!

No one looks forward to surgery of course, but for the past year I’ve not been able to sleep laying down and so have had to sleep in my recliner. This is not conducive to ‘good or restful’ sleep. I have actually said to my husband on a few occasions especially recently, that I just didn’t know how much longer I could keep going feeling the way I did.

It’s tied in with the fact that when I eat, food gets lodged in my esophagus and causes difficulties of various kinds. I won’t go into details because it would be ‘tmi’ (too much information). The name of the condition is achalasia.

It is minimally invasive surgery and done laparoscopically, and only involves one or two days in the hospital; the rest of recuperation done at home. On a positive note, I’ll be somewhat on a diet of soft food for a month or so and maybe I’ll shed a few of my extra pounds.

I was a bit concerned that they might cancel the surgery because I’ve had bronchitis for a couple of weeks, but thankfully most of it is cleared up, and today I went for the pre-op and got the go ahead.

There are several who have asked for any update, and so I thought I’d do this short one. Thanks for the many encouraging words given during this past year. I really do appreciate them.

There may be a gap when I’m online from Tuesday, for a period of time…. but I’ll likely be checking in at some point.


24 thoughts on “FINALLY !!!

  1. All the very best mum 😉
    I hope that all goes well so that you can get the most relief ever and sleep in your bed! I imagine that sitting in a recliner doesn’t induce much deep sleep that all of us need.

    I am thinking of you and reading psalms too. To hope that all goes well and that you have a speedy recovery.

    Much love xx


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