Sometimes I Just Need To Ask

There is no rhyme, form, or flow to this poem/prayer, only thoughts at the end of this day……

Sometimes I just need to ask Lord Sunset two on Crosby Lake-001

Who is it You want me to be

What is it You want me to do

Why am I asking You this

Is my faith lacking just now

I know that you teach us to ask

Whatever is laid on our heart

Why do I fear that the thing I most want

Is something I may never see

When I pray dear Lord

I know You are there

But sometimes the thought crosses my mind

That I’m not who You want me to be

That I don’t do what You want me to do

The things of this world

Distract me at times

And I just need You to know

That I want to be and I want to do

Whatever You’d like of me

I have just one more thing to ask

Please tell me what that would be








23 thoughts on “Sometimes I Just Need To Ask

  1. Diane, I just love your honesty both with God and us and yes I have asked that question many times before too and have also wondered why would God pick me to do His work, after all I’m a cracked vessel, yes He is the Super Glue but I have quiet a few cracks and than I realized why, I will leave the link for you, I’m sure you will agree that I fit the bill very well, maybe you do too.

    My Qualifications –

    Christian Love in Christ Jesus – Anne


    • I am qualified to represent the Lord as His child. I find sometimes as my post says, to know exactly what I should be doing ‘for Him’. What I do, is to love Him with my whole heart and do my best (with flaws) to love others…. hoping by doing so I am doing what He wills…..Diane


  2. I’m not sure where I stand on “faith” right now but I can say that I have been asking myself a lot of questions lately and your poem reflected a lot of what I’m feeling (even if I’m not sure *why* I’m feeling it). It was beautifully written. thank you for sharing,


  3. Beautiful prayer. I often find myself asking God the same thing. At times, the answer is clear; other times, not so clear. At times, I guess we are meant to grope or to suffer our way through life and learn as we go. Even Jesus asked, “My God, why have you forsaken me?”


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      • I can relate to that totally as I am sure you see on my blog like, every day!!

        Pondering can be good… I hope it brings you to a place of assurance in your life abd what you are doing and/or maybe little things you’d like to change. Xx

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