Time Marches On……….

Christmas is a time for many of nostalgia, and I am one of those people. I tend to remember and think about Christmases past….   

While I don’t necessarily remember  a lot of the details of long ago, because of memory issues, there are certain things that seem to be locked into my brain. As a small child I recall that the only thing I wanted or asked for was a doll, or doll clothes. I have a vision of waiting to get the okay to go downstairs, and seeing underneath the tree, a doll just as I had hoped for.

As a ten- year old, I remember receiving from my sister a ‘kitten sweater set’. Most of you won’t know what that was, but to me it was so beautiful. Along with it, I got a skirt from my mother and a watch. That memory is etched in my mind, and I can clearly see it 59 years later. I went back to school after the holidays, and felt so special with my new outfit, and the principal of the school said how nice I looked. For me this was significant because while I always had clothes to wear, they weren’t often stylish and quite often they were hand-me-downs, and so didn’t fit right. My sister had just started working full-time and so bought me something special.

I remember that our family, including 9 siblings and their families usually having Christmas dinner together. It was noisy and very hectic but a lot of love permeated our home.

Creche my husband made when children were young

Creche my husband made when children were young

With our own family of five including my husband and I and our three children, Christmas was very special. I can remember my husband and I; although he did most of it, putting together the various toys that needed assembly, like the farm set that had a fence with multiple parts, that took a long time to do. We then most often, had dinner with my closest sister and her family. The boys were usually down in the basement playing floor hockey, the girls upstairs playing with various things they received that day.

I remember the year my sister and I decided to have a less hectic supper one Christmas, and decided on lasagna and roast beef. We even thought to save washing some dishes we would cook the meal in aluminum foil pans. Unfortunately, the meat didn’t brown and therefore neither did the potatoes we were ‘roasting’.  The lasagna didn’t fare too well either. This meal was not a hit, and needless to say in the following years, we went back to turkey and mashed potatoes.

Christmas Day with one of our sons 2011

Christmas Day with one of our sons 2011

Those years are etched in my memory, but time goes on and of course we are not as busy now and usually go to have dinner with one of our children and their family. It’s all very nice, but my husband and I were reminiscing this year, as we sat in our living room Christmas morning thinking of years past.

For everyone and in everything there is a season. Our season is evolved to being more sedate, and while that is normal and okay, I am a bit wistful, thinking of the years that were very busy and hectic, and wishing I could step back in time and recapture some of the excitement of earlier times.

No, I wouldn’t want to ‘stay’ there, just ‘visit’ once in a while. These kind of memories or feelings evoked, don’t mean that I’m unhappy with our lives now, they’re just moments of looking back in time.

Time does march on!

27 thoughts on “Time Marches On……….

  1. Wow you did indeed bring back memories for me Diane but as you shared we grow up and reality takes the place of fancy and fairytales but it’s so nice to remember the kindness of our Mum and Dad or friends at School. I remember clearly the dolls Mum made new dresses for, they were beautiful, the three of us girls were so excited, Mum was also a great cook, so Christmas dinner was a real treat.

    Thanks Diane, I really appreciated your message and the memories it rekindled.

    Christian Love – Anne.


  2. Those are rich memories, Diane. 🙂 You have many stories to tell that your grandkids will definitely love. Thanks for sharing them with us.

    Happy new year. 🙂


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