A Little ‘Discombobulated’

Things seem to be more than a bit ‘busy’ right now with Christmas visiting, shopping, doctor’s appointments and the general everyday activities. I’m just a wee bit more than normal, ‘discombobulated’.

I’m sure many of you find yourselves in similar circumstances. I love this time of year for the various traditions and busyness that happens, but maybe it’s just that it takes more concentration and energy to do it all, the older we get.

I still am not sleeping very well, as the one issue that needs addressing now won’t be done until the middle of January. It’s amazing what the body can be pushed into doing, even though for all intent and purposes it shouldn’t be able to.

There are of course many that deal with much more than I need to, so that is always uppermost in my mind whenever I start to feel overwhelmed.  My hope and prayer is that many who find themselves in stressful situations within their lives right now, have some respite and peace, during this season and in the new year.

Christmas first and foremost for me, is about the birth of the child Jesus, in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago. He is the light of this world and the ‘light of my life’.

Merry Christmas, Peace, Happy Holidays, Shalom to those that have come to be an important part of my life. I will possibly write another post or two before Christmas, but just in case that doesn’t happen, I wanted to be sure and say this to you all now.

(I may be a bit haphazard in reading and commenting for a while, as sometimes I just am so fatigued I can’t seem to concentrate too well, but I will definitely be doing so when I can……)  Diane



28 thoughts on “A Little ‘Discombobulated’

  1. I do hope your resting up and that you had a Merry Christmas after the hospital visit of course. Happy New Year to you and your husband! Thank you for befriended me in the blogging world and all you have taught me. Cheers Diane!


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  3. Do you like chamomile tea? Drink it in the evening, before bed, etc. The last one with honey. I use it throughout the day. It has million good features and it is generally calming and making everything better.


    • Thanks for the suggestion…. I have had Chamomile.. but not lately… My issue unfortunately with sleep is that I cannot lay down flat …but need to sleep in recliner which is not conducive to restful or good sleep …. Hopefully will be resolved soon… Diane


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